Went well

September 7, 2006

I volunteered in Sierra’s class today and it went pretty well.  The teacher did kind of get on me for not helping a kid write his “a.”  He wasn’t writing it correctly and I was waiting for him to finish the letter he was working on when the teacher thought I should grab his hand and do it for him.  They are sitting on the floor and with my bad back I just had a hard time with that.  I even mentioned to the teacher when she assigned me to that station that I couldn’t do a lot on the floor with the kids because of my back.

The kid who was having a problem with the letter “a.”  Doesn’t speak English, either.  He speaks Assryian and so that made it really difficult to try to communicate.  I know some Spanish, but that really didn’t help me in this situation.

I tried to keep an open mind and stay positive.  The teachers did get in a bit of a misunderstanding in the beginning of the class.  I couldn’t be there the whole day, only 2 hours.  I am going to try and go every Thursday.

Even though I am pointing out the negative here, I wasn’t really trying to watch for it.  I was just trying to get a feel for the class as a whole and I think that the teacher did a fine job.

So, what Tony had told me from his experience and what I observed were completely different, from black to white.  Odd, huh?

Another interesting thing is that one of the little girls asked me not to leave.  She told me I was the class helper, their friend and that I had to stay.  I told her I would come back to help next week.



  1. I’m happy it went well. I loved going into Elena’s Kindergarten class and volunteering-I swear I adored every kid in the class. By the end of the year, I knew all about them, their families, etc. I swear I almost cried at the last day party we had for the class. I’ll volunteer again this year, bitch about it, but deep inside, love doing it.

  2. How great that you are able to volunteer in class! I hope that things keep going with more positives than negatives!

  3. I’m glad that you went, and are planning on going again.

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