Scarf Closeup and Sock Progress

September 8, 2006

        (clickable)I have been working along on the second sock.  I am almost up to the heel.  I also ripped out the toe of 2 others socks I already finished to make them shorter.  The yarn bloomed and they were too big.  I have one done and will finish the other one tomorrow so I can mail them to my friend.

I finally have the details of the classes I am teaching in October.  They will be beginning knit and beginning crochet.  I staggered them so one beginning class builds off the next.  However, I think they are basic enough that even someone who doesn’t know anything could take any of the classes I am teaching.  They are pretty basic.

Eventually I would like to have one beginner class for knit and one for crochet each month and then one advanced class for knit and crochet.

For November I am going to focus on knitting and crocheting in the round and simple decreasing.  For both of these classes we will be making basic hats.

In December I have plans to crochet snowflakes and then will teach how to block them.   For a knit project, I may consider a stocking.  I haven’t knitted one before, but I think it would be a fun project.   Don’t worry, I will make all of my projects before I ever put them on my project sheet.

I have a feeling January will be hand items and sometime in the spring I will teach basic sock knitting.

I posted closeup pictures of the scarf I knitted.   I didn’t get any comments about it.  Usually lack of comments means people are trying to be polite and so are refraining from saying what they really want to say.  This could be true, but I was thinking I would try to get some closeup shots.  It really is a nice scarf.  Think cables…but they aren’t.  Scarves always look better in person and especially when they are tied around the neck (not in the summer.)



  1. I know I commented on the scarf-but I guess mine doesn’t count (LOL). I love the shaping of it and love that it is more narow around the neck. The yarn color is beautiful also.

    The socks look cozy-nice colors.

  2. Congratulations! You will make an excellent teacher. The socks look great, as does the scarf. I like the detail in it. Is it one of the mock cable patterns? I love those. They are great!

    I also really like your one skien crocheted scarf below. Its neat. I love the colours. 🙂

  3. I didn’t comment on the scarf but in my defense I have to say I didn’t comment because I wasn’t sure I was seeing the scarf the way I should. These pics give me a much better view and I think it’s great. Also, I can see the two colors much better this time.

    Thanks for commenting on my skirt. Hubby’s always telling me I’m too hard on my own work so even when something really isn’t good I’m not sure because people always have me wondering if I’m just being overly critical.

  4. Those colors are beautiful. I love the scarf and can’t wait till I can knit well enough to make one. Haven’t been on much cause I’m petting the Soy Wool Stripes you got me addicted to.

  5. The blue scarf looks great!

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