September 9, 2006

Madeleine, it isn’t Halloween yet!  There goes all the toothpaste.  Atleast you know who got the creative genes.

Paton’s One Skein Patons Classic Wool Merino – Leaf Green I made this scarf for the Michael’s class I will be teaching in October. It will be for the display. I did want it to be like the on in the pattern, same color and all.



  1. She is so beautiful and that hair looks so familiar (I recognize that potty seat too). silence is always trouble, isn’t it. At least it’s just on her skin, not hair or clothing.

  2. Is she minty fresh now? What a wonderful post. Deneen is right, at least it wasn’t in her hair.

    She is a doll!

  3. LOL…silence does equal trouble..but she is so minty fresh and sooo adorable.

    The scarf looks just like the picture.. great job. I think that is a good scarf to teach.. Easy, stylist and fun.

  4. LOL, She’s too cute! My oldest fingerpainted my whole bathroom with peanut butter when she was that age. Where do they get these ideas?

    I love the scarf and think it’s a great class project.

  5. I love it, Madie!! Of all the kids, isn’t she the one who doesn’t like to be sticky? She’s grtowing up so fast…

    Wendy, I love your scarfs…all of them! I think you have some major talent, miss you!

  6. At least toothpaste washes out easier than Zincofax (a zinc-oxide cream that contains lanolin, among other oily-sticky substances)… which is what *I* got into as a child. 😉 (And my brother, and my two cousins… it’s a family thing.)

  7. Perhaps it’s a new beauty treatment? So cute! Good luck teaching your class at Michael’s! I took a knitting class at Michael’s and really enjoyed it.

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