Heart Walk – Big Thank You!!

September 13, 2006

The Heart Walk is this weekend.  If you have donated to my walk, I am super greatful!  In fact, my mom and I have really been connecting a lot over this walk and are very excited!!
I am $245 away from my goal of $500.  I may not reach that goal.  However, my mom reached her goal of $500 and I am very proud and happy of that.

If you want to donate you can do so here at this secure link.   Wendy’s Heart Walk Webpage

Tony will take pictures this weekend.  Sorry I haven’t posted recently, just got burnt-out.  So I changed my eating habits, I am still a long ways from a picture of health.  My sleeping habit is the next big thing that needs to be changed.  3 to 5 hours per day just isn’t cutting it anymore.



  1. Have fun on your walk. Even if you don’t reach your goal of $500 you should be very proud of what you are doing. 🙂 Good on ya mate. 🙂

  2. I tried to donate, but my server crashed in the middle of it all. Let me know if it did not go through and I’ll re-submit the donation!

  3. i can’t use the board, that’s why i haven’t come on…. i’m not 100% on how it works yet

  4. Wendy, have a great time on your walk! Glad you enjoyed the KG episode.

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