Anouk and New Techniques

September 15, 2006

I finally was able to set some time aside to learn some new techniques. A few weeks ago I tried a provisional cast on like was demonstrated at http://knittinghelp.com. It just didn’t seem right and wasn’t very easy to do. My intarsia at that time failed miserably so I frogged the whole thing and vowed that I would try again.

My husband and I finally bought the DIY channel. He is getting into woodworking and we both decided there is just too many programs we want to watch on that channel to not have it. So, I have been watching episodes of the Knitty Gritty every day and am learning a lot!

I learned provisional cast on by crocheting a chain and then picking up stitches in the spiney nubs of the chain.

I did some reading on intarsia, went to knittinghelp.com and studied the videos on intarsia, and watched the Knitty Gritty episode on intarsia. However, it was this website http://vickidesigns.homestead.com/Intarsia.html that really helped me get it. She has videos and something about her videos really helped and I was able to knit up two pockets in intarsia (with a small bit of stranding.) There were a few areas where there were 4 stitches and I stranded the yarn in the back just because I was too lazy to add in another color. So, it is a mix, but you know what? I don’t care. I like it, there aren’t any holes, so I am happy.

I was suppose to make 2 pockets that were mirror images to each other, but…oops, didn’t read that part until the 2nd pocket was made.

If I get time to knit on Anouk tomorrow I will be finished with it.

edited to fix the links.



  1. Looks great Wendy! I haven’t even tried intarsia with crochet, don’t know if I’m brave enough for knitting but you did it!! Our cable doesn’t have DIY yet! Isn’t that insane?! They promise it have it soon. I’m sure I’ll go on a DIY marathon.

  2. Wendy, it looks very pretty! and I´ve learned what “intarsia” is…

  3. Awesome job on Anouk! I am working on the 2nd body piece right now. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of September. I had planned on finishing it much quicker before, but other knits got in my way. lol

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