Anouk – almost done

September 16, 2006

No pics…yet…sorry.

The “old” Wendy would stay up tonight and knit the side tabs, sew them on, pickup stitches for the collar and knit it, add the buttons and weave in all the ends.  That is how close I am to being finished with Anouk.

The “new” Wendy is deciding to go to bed “early” and that is before 1am so that I can get up early for the Heart Walk tomorrow.  I raised $405.  🙂   Thanks everyone for the financial, emotional, and social support!

I didn’t really have any major problem with Anouk, but it could have been written a bit clearer.  The “right” and “left” is mixed up on there so my button is not on the “correct” side.  I am surprised no one has mentioned anything but maybe people just don’t care.  Right front is suppose to be right front as if you are wearing it.  So the buttonhole should be on the “left side.”

Some people have right button Anouk’s and some have left…  why does it bother me??

…because I knit the back of my Anouk about a month ago and so when I knit the front I didn’t realize I followed the pattern’s version of “right frnt” and not the actual “right front.”  This is a good reason why I should keep a knitting journal.

When I went to line up my sides to join them, the live stitches were on one left needle and one right needle…yep, they didn’t line up.  It was an easy fix, just annoying.

I did say I was going to bed early, right?  Yikes…



  1. That is a perfect example of why I don’t have UFO’s and WIP’s lying around.

    Good luck on the walk and have fun.

  2. Good luck and have fun on your walk tommorow! Yes, Missoula is a wonderful place to live – I’m happy to be here.

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