Dropped Anatomy…again.

September 20, 2006

I dropped the Anatomy class I was taking.  I wrestled with this as I am pretty sure I would have done fine on the first test which was today.  However, the deadline to drop the class is this Monday and so I had to make a decision soon.  I have been under a lot of stress in all areas of my life.  There are other areas where I could have cut the stress out, but really it is this class, again that is giving me the most problems.

I can be a 6am riser if I go to bed early.  However, I realized that in order to go to bed and get a good amount of sleep I can’t study much the night before when the kids are sleeping.  It is that time at 9pm to 2am when I would get the most studying done.  In order to get 8 hours of sleep at night, which my doctor has told me I need to do, I would have to go to bed at 10pm and then I would have no time to study.

I am not able to get much studying done during the day because of the noise and just being attentive and active with the kids.
One day, when the timing is right I will be able to take the Anatomy class and wizz through it and get a good grade and move on.  Realistically this isn’t the semester.  Maybe some people who have young kids or even work and have kids can do it, but I am not able to.

I tried doing homework until 1am and getting to bed and getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep and what was happening was that I was literally falling asleep in the lecture class at 11:30am.  Even with 4 cups of coffee in me I couldn’t prop the eyelids open.  Luckily the first couple of weeks are review for me as I know cell anatomy and basic tissue anatomy.  I just know that this would have caught up with me so I had to make my decision.

I hate being a quitter, but I guess it is better than being a failure.  I will get through all of this.  I know this is the “weed out” class.  I think next semester Tony and I are going to really get a grip on what will be the best class schedule for me.  I think even if that means he has to move around his work schedule to accomodate me then that is what he has to do.

Reality for us is that our “financial freedom” is on my shoulders.  It is dependent on me finishing school and going into a career that pays well.  It will be my income that will help us get into a house and move forward in our lives.  It is scary and stressful always knowing that.



  1. You made the right decision.


    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I just want to share what I think, and you’re welcome to ignore it. First of all, I don’t think you’re a quitter or a failure. I do think, however, that you take on more than is reasonable and so, sort of, set yourself up to “fail”. For instance, I wouldn’t in a million years think I could take a class that early in the morning. Ever! I don’t think that’s a failing, but a realistic understanding of my temperament and my life.

    As for having to buy a house to get on with your life…well, I understand wanting to own a house, but every desire comes at a price. You’re currently working on improving your health, and raising your young children…that’s plenty of responsibility for anyone. Personally, if I were you, I would sit down with my family (children included) and discuss what we wanted from life right now. So, you say you want a house…well, what about a house do you want? Perhaps, there are ways to get some of those things without actually having a mortage.

    And, financial freedom can be defined in different ways. For me, financial freedom is having enough money to meet all our needs and a few of our wants. We could make more money, but it would involve sacrifices I’m not willing to make. I think very few people truly achieve financial freedom. In fact, imho, it seems as if the more money you make, the more your life revolves around continuing to make money and I don’t see where the freedom is in that.

    Just food for thought…hope I don’t offend you with chiming in here.

  3. good decsion, but do re-take it.. It’s actaully a fun class I thought…I loved it!

  4. I don’t think I even finished a thought when my kids were little! There will be another time when you can take Anatomy.

  5. The time will be right and you’ll know when…in the meantime enjoy those girls, they grow up too quickly.

  6. With a two- and three-year old under foot all day long, I completely sympathize. Please go easy on yourself.

  7. The girls will only be with you for such a short time; they won’t remember that you didn’t ownt the house you live in, but that you are an active, involved mommy. I had to make a decision to stay in low income housing longer or work so many hours my kids barely saw me. I stayed home. No, they’re not perfect, but they do know I love them. I did without things so they could have not only more possessions, but more stories, more trips to the library, more doing stuff together.

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