Felted Ball

September 25, 2006

Here is the ball after felting. It is true that polyfill won’t felt. Michael’s doesn’t sell wool filling, that I know of so I am just going with what they have.

This isn’t a beginner’s crochet class.  It was suggested to me that I start off with beginner’s classes for the month of October.  Then in November to add a more advanced class so that people who took the beginning class would want to take another class of mine and learn more skills.  Maybe it will end up that people will only want to take beginning classes or maybe they will want to take more intermediate ones, I don’t know.  Teaching is so new to me and I am just treating it like a journey.

I would appreciate any advice out there about teaching knitting and crochet and if you have any short/small easy projects you can share with me, that would be great too!

Here is my Anouk, without buttons. I still didn’t buy any today.



  1. The Anouk came out wonderful-how cute!

  2. Perhaps a dishcloth? I know they aren’t all that alluring but a beginner may not feel intimidated and it will teach them the all important skill of maintaining the correct number of stitches per row. People that have tried and given up on crochet always seem to state that as the problem.

  3. That dress is adorable! I think a dishcloth or a scarf in just a double crochet would be a great starter project.

  4. The anouk is sweet! very nice!

  5. Your anouk looks fantastic! Great job on the intarsia! 🙂

  6. Awwwwww that is so cute!!!!

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