Finally finishing things…

September 26, 2006

The first one is Knitty’s Anouk. It is done in Cotton-ease. You have seen the pics before, just finally found the perfect buttons for it, at Walmart of all places. I have realized there are not a lot of places in my area that sales buttons.

There are some imperfections, but overall I am happy with it. As much as I love cotton-ease (and am excited about its come-back,) I have realized it isn’t very forgiving. It splits easily and when you mess with it it doesn’t spring back.
This next finished project is one you didn’t even know I started, because I am shameful and pretty much broke my September challenge rule. Yes, I lied to you all, but not intentionally. I was crocheting this scarf thinking it would make for a fun beginner’s project for my classes. The first row wasn’t too bad, but the second row took me a couple of nights of crocheting…so it isn’t a 2 hour project to say the least. It was fun, though and makes for a very pretty scarf. It is Patons Curly Q Scarf. It took almost 4 balls of Patons SWS with a size K hook. The pattern calls for an L hook, which I don’t have, so I figured K is next best and would use less yarn.

This next project is one that will be in my beginner’s crochet class. It is a credit card/cash wallet. It is made with Patons Classic Merino with a size H hook. It is very easy. I still wonder if this is pushing it for a 2 hour class, but if I can get them past the button hole then I think it won’t be too bad.
Oh, and too my friend Amy, mentioned I am doing well. I am.! I have lost 10 pounds since I started my vegetarian diet. That isn’t a lot, but it is better than nothing. Tony has lost a lot more than me. My back has been killing me, but I noticed it goes in waves and is because I do things like carry Madeleine on my back and wrestle with the kids.

Dropping that class has made my stress go from a 10 to a 2. Seriously, I didn’t even realized I was that frazzled until in retrospect looking back. I think everyone around me knew it though.

Sierra is doing well, too. She has a “boyfriend” at school and kissed him on the cheek. I told her not to, but she told me she wasn’t in school, so it was okay (we were walking to the truck.) Sigh… He was nice and told me, “it is okay, I like it.” In school she is doing better. Her homework is coming back just fine. She isn’t crying after school and I think overall the teacher and her are communicating better. Either that or she is preoccupied with her “boyfriend” and so isn’t getting upset over the other stuff, I don’t know.

Madeleine has been “rough and tumble” lately. She is skinned up on her knees, on her chin, and has a bruise on her head. She is a little daredevil and is also sometimes clumsy. She is very much a comedian, always looking for a laugh.

She is talking more, full sentences. Though really only Sierra and I understand her. Tony doesn’t. She leaves the ends of words off, still and I am trying to work with her on it. Sometimes she says something to me and I don’t know what she is saying and it is frusterating to both of us. Also, I guess and she acts like I guessed right, but I wonder if she is just faking that and just being happy that I am giving her something.



  1. Sierra’s speech will just one day be fine-I have videos of Elena when she was younger and I am amazed how one holiday her sentences were all broken up and by the next one, perfectly clear. I also remember wondering “When will she ever talk?” and now thinking “When will she ever stop talking?” LOL.

    You have a lot of good projects lined up for teaching-seems like it should be a nice class.

    All the FO’s look good.

    And yes, men always lose weight faster-ratfinks!

  2. Congrats on the 10 pounds! That’s alot in my book.

  3. WTG on 10 lbs! You make some cool stuff sis, I really like the scarf. I think the wallet looks like a fun beg. project too!

    I need some pics of the kiddos…email me! Madeleine is in her own little happy world still, its great, enjoy it while you can, because like Deneen said, one day she won’t stop talking and drive you mad. šŸ™‚ Sierra has a boyfriend?! LOL I remember my Kindie bf, Brian Bagley…ah what innocent times… (take a pic of them playing too!)

    I miss you guys a lot..oxox, luv me

  4. The scarf and Anouk look great! šŸ™‚

    My Maddie has the same problem – she cuts off the end of her words. Her speech pathologist has a name for it and if I can find her paperwork, I’ll email the name to you because you might have luck finding techniques on the internet for working with her. It’s amazing how fast they do make improvements and before you know it, she’ll be chatting your arm off. šŸ™‚

  5. The anouk is adorable as is the scarf and little clutch. Very clever!

  6. congrats!! and how sweet!

  7. Veronica dropped the ends of words too, and her speech therapist had us emphasise the endings when we said them to her. I will never forget her standing in her crib screaming one night….Bu-GA, bu-ga because there was a fly on the wall.

  8. wendy i love your scarf, wow thats sooo pretty, way to go girl 10 pounds wooohooooo hot damn, thats great. my son and daughter did the same thing, then one day, they stopped and spoke right and that was it, my son had a stuttering problem when he was real young and all it took was for him to be able to sound out the words , kids all develop at different stages in their lives and stress can cause a lot of problems, and most people figure that if kids are not talking at the level these people feel is correct, then they for some reason feel.. hang in there honey, give your self a break and tell the rest of the people judging you, to back off , you and your children are doing just fine huggggs honey, congratulations on losing that much weight, hugs your friend me hehe

  9. oops didn’t finish my own sentence lol what i meant to say was people feel that if kids are not doing what they feel is “normal” then there is something wrong, only thing wrong is the person who is judging them is not minding their own business hang in there honey

  10. cute cute cute Anouk! Just love that pattern for baby girls.

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