Angelica Tunic

October 4, 2006

Pattern: Angelica Sweater
Yarn: Berrocco Cotton Twist
Overall I am happy. It is a bit heavy, but not bad, really. The yarn has a fancy shine to it that is really nice. It was a pain in the but to work with as it splits and the rayon is just very plasticy. I don’t know if that is the right word. I don’t think I will use this yarn again, not sure. I think my body would look better in something not variegated. I have made note of that for any future projects. The low v-neckline actually looks good on me. I don’t know if I like the arms. I love how they bell by the wrist, but I don’t like the bagginess under the armpits. I have looked at the picture of the original pattern and it looks like that is part of the style.

In the future, if I ever decide to make this again, I am going to make a longer waist and modify it so that the armpit isn’t baggy. I love the detail around the keyhole neck. This is the first top I have made for myself. Most all of my knitted and crocheted stuff is always for my kids. I am pretty happy with it. To think I learned to knit a little over a year ago. I am proud of myself. Hopefully I don’t end up being on some “fug board.” I love the Orange and think it is perfect for October-wear. 🙂



  1. I love that sweater, and the neckline is very flattering; do try to use it again when you make your own designs. According to the Compact Oxford English Dictionary: Plasticky: adjective 1 resembling plastic. 2 artificial or of inferior quality.

  2. I like it, especially the neckline and sleeves. And where the sleeves join the body. Bagginess under the arms would annoy me too.

  3. I hear you with the details you aren’t keen on but the good thing is you can make it slightly different next time…I rarely follow a pattern exactly as it is written. I think it looks great, btw.

  4. I also love the neckline, it draws your eye to that area 😉 I love the color you choose, very nice fall sweater. Congrats on your first project for yourself.

  5. i like it. the neckline and sleeves are great and the color is great for fall.

  6. That’s lovely Wendy. Congrats on finishing your first knitted sweater for yourself.

  7. I hate to be so ignorant… but what is a fug board?

    More importantly, I think that looks really lovely on you and huge congratulations for making a top after just one year of knitting. It looks great!

  8. It IS perfect for October wear and you did a wonderful job. It really looks good on you – very flattering!

  9. Lovely color! It’s perfect for the fall. Great job on your first sweater!

  10. Very pretty, Wendy! I like it very much!

  11. The sweater looks great and the keyhole neckline is very flattering.

  12. Great colors for the falL!

  13. LOVE IT!!! Love the sleeves and the neckline and the turtle button and the colors and the little slits under the boobs, very flattering (forgot what you call em)and you!! You look fabulous, I am very proud of you!

    OH and where did you get that bag??? I WANT ONE TOO!!!

    (look at me go, still wanting to borrow and use and have what you have…some things never change, eh sis?)

  14. You look lovely in your first knit top! 🙂 I love the neckline. Congrats on making something so beautiful for yourself. 🙂

  15. I think the sweater is cute and you look great in it!

  16. I love it, Wendy. You did a wonderful job on the sweater. It’s look’s perfect for October wear.

  17. i like the sweater it looks very “girly” and flattering. it does look wonderful for october!

  18. I love the top on you-very hippy-ish!

  19. Nice sweater, great color. Looks great. Good job!

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