Quiet or just busy?

October 12, 2006

Both…I am fighting a sinus infection. My thyroid still isn’t making enough hormone so I just got a higher dosage and hopefully that will help increase my energy. I am up to 150mcg and that seems like a lot considering I still have a thyroid.

I have made a few things, but can’t show them here…because you know, Christmas is around the corner. If you are part of the Fiber Freaks bulletin board I have been posting pictures there. Anyone who is a knitter, crocheter, weaver, or spinner is welcome to join. Our KAL’s and CAL’s are hopping!

I am almost done with Brea Bag. In fact, I am finished with the knitting, just need a button, a leather strap, and fabric for the lining. This bag really doesn’t need lining, but I think I am going to do it because I am getting better at lining and so the bag will last longer.

I used Cascade Sierra (cotton wool blend) double stranded and size 9 needles.  It was hard to get good pictures of the deep navy blue color and the detailed cable and stitching.  However, this yarn is perfect and the bag turned out way better than I had expected.

I didn’t do the reverse sc as the pattern suggested, instead did regular sc.  I tried the crab stitch, but it didn’t look very good, kind of sloppy with this yarn.  The regular sc border looks very neat.

I really enjoyed the pattern.  It took me 3 days to make it.  One day for each side and one day to knit the gusset, which is roughly 34 inches…or more, I don’t know, didn’t measure the final piece.

The socks are knit with Patons SWS in natural earth colorway.   I really liked the socks that AJ made and so decided to make myself a pair.  I used this pattern (warning, pdf) Easy Worsted Weight Socks.  I used size 8 dpn’s.

The socks are a bit big, but I think of them as “slipper socks.”  They will be perfect when I go visit my parents at the coast and need a warm fuzz pair of socks to put on.  They are thick enough where walking around the house with them on will not put holes in them.

I am still trying to finish my Trekking socks, a drop stitched scarf and a few other random projects.



  1. Beautiful bag! 🙂

  2. Oh that bag is gorgeous! Since you are getting so good at bag lining, I have several to send ya to work on (LOL)

  3. Your bag looks great! I remember seeing the pattern and thinking that bag would look so much better in a different color and you did it.

  4. The bag surely looks good!

  5. Gorgeous bag! Thanks so much for the idea, I think I will try that with my Sierra! And I love the colors of those socks.

  6. I would like lots of socks and hats. love mom
    The purse is gorgeous just like you.

  7. How much Cascade Sierra did you use? Sorry if I missed it in your post!

  8. I like your new look! You’re giving me a severe case of needle envy woman. I wish I could knit just to keep up with you.

  9. […] to give a “shout out” to Madelyn.  She noticed that I still haven’t finished my Brea bag.   I haven’t been able to find a handle I liked.  I bought a couple of belts, but they just […]

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