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Letter to Santa

November 30, 2006

Yesterday, Sierra got the idea to write a letter to Santa. Every time she asks for something I tell her to put it on her list for Santa. She didn’t tell me she was going to write it though and in Sierra-fashion, she grabbed any piece of paper on my desk, which happened to be a snowflake pattern, a pencil, and an envelope (the car insurance envelope.) She wrote the letter and then glued it. She then put it in the envelope and glued it. Then she glued plastic jewels on it. On the envelope, she wrote her version of Santa Clause, our house number, and her phone number and name.

I told her that we couldn’t mail the letter like that and asked her if I could open it. So she let me and I was pretty surprised what I saw. I had her read it to me. I told her we will rewrite it as even she was having a hard time reading what she wrote. Then we will mail it to Santa. I do have to admit that she probably won’t get what she has asked for in this letter.

(It is clickable)

Interpretation: “Hi Santa Clause.  I want a Disney Princess Television.  Santa Clause, Have a merry Christmas.”

Do you see it?  I do.  Not bad.  She is in Kindergarten and is still learning to read and write.  I am very proud!  Tony and I got a little laugh out of it, but unless the Disney tv comes on  woot sometime soon, I don’t think that is doable.

I am feeling better.  I picked Sierra up from school today.  I am still pretty achy and still on meds, but am feeling more myself.

The urologists wants those stones, so I guess no keepsake earrings will be made from them.  Yes, that is bad humor.  I am looking in to seeing a new urologists for my followup treatment.  I am going to be calling around and asking questions first.  I think that there should be some law that mandates doctors use some type of anesthesia when removing stents.  I shake when talking about it.  Seriously, it is something that falls along the lines of torture.

I have had catheters and I have had a blocked catheter, which is not a good thing and is up there in being bad, bad, bad…but that was an “accident” and this is a medical office procedure.  It isn’t like I live in the backwoods were medicine isn’t available.  I have good health insurance that covers for me to be comfortable while being medically tortured, so I just don’t get why it was necessary that I had to go through that.  I swear I have a small bit of post traumatic stress over stent removal.

The pain for that is up there with dislocating your kneecap or having a discography.  Which the first one is something you don’t ever want to happen and the second one is done under anesthesia.

Okay, I have ruined the Letter to Santa post…now I must eat dinner and go lay down.  I will try not to come over to your blog and whine about myself.  I will get past this mentally, I swear!


Kidney Stone Pictures

November 29, 2006

As if there was something better to do when you pass kidney stones…ha. For the sake of science, photography, and well just those curious…here are the stones I have passed. So far only 3 “big ones” and about 50 or more little things that resemble salt all the way up to beach sand. Those along with what I will label stone #1 went with me to the doctor’s office today and were sent to the lab. I never did take a picture of the tiny flakes.

Stone #1 At first it was “black” and then over time it sort of turned whitish and sort of like a mini lava rock. It is about 3mm

Stone #2 & #3 (which really aren’t #2 and #3, but more like number 48 and 49, ha ha…I passed today. Also, both around 3mm, though one maybe a little less. They have an orangish/yellow discoloration sort of due to the dye that I had to take in one of the pills that they claimed would help with my pain (NOT.)

The last pictures have much higher detail and definition, due to the fact that I used a zoom lens that had a nice macro. I had no idea I could get this quality on something so small. It is sort of like a microscope, though I had to stand far away from it and zoom in.

I will come back and update this thread when I find out what mineral it is. Why can’t it be diamond or gold or something of value?

Should I scan my x-rays? They are kind of frankstein looking.


Stents suck

November 29, 2006

Having a stent in your kidney sucks.  I pretty much hurt from right after I went pee until the next time I had to go again.  The urgency thing was awful.  I would have this severe pain after going in my bladder area and then this deep pain in my kidney, like someone kicked me.  At night the pain would kill me in my kidney.  There was no sleeping position that was comfortable.  I would find myself tossing and turning eating pain meds like candy and then only sleeping 1 1/2 hrs until I had to go pee again and then it would start all over.  During the day I found myself falling asleep in a sitted position as that was the most comfortable.

Well, I got it taken out today and that really sucked.  It hurt so bad that my brain went into a black hole, pass the point of coping and into a whole different dimension.  The girl that was assisting the doctor tried to tell me it was similar to getting a catheter put in/taken out.  No it isn’t.  There is no comparison.  In fact, I am pretty offended they didn’t offer any type of anesthetic or anything to make me comfortable.

It was suppose to take 15 seconds, and it didn’t.  It especially sucked when the doctor said, “oops, it slipped.”  It was at that point I realized I get to go through the pain all over again.

The crazy thing is I have passed more of the larger stones today, after not having the stent in.  My kidney hurts me and my whole left side feels traumatized.  I am sure I will feel better tomorrow.

I had another xray done today and the stone that was in my right kidney is still there.  Before I had the procedure done on the xray it looked between the size of a penny and dime. Now it looks like the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil.

I didn’t get to see my doctor as he is on vacation.  I am suppose to go back in 2 months to find out what they are going to do about the kidney stone in my right kidney and also will tell me what type of stones they are.  I am tempted to cancel it as I don’t want to go through this stent thing again.

So now I am hoping that I start getting better and the right kidney stone stays put until atleast after Christmas.  I am sick and tired of being “sick” and in pain.  I think I might write my doctor’s office a letter and tell them that it would probably be better for their patients if they did something to make them more comfortable during that procedure.  Some valium would have been nice, truly.

Seriously, that procedure hurt worse than the kidney stones.

So, I have taken some pictures of the stones I have passed.  Should I show you all a picture or would that gross you out?


Feeling a bit better…

November 26, 2006

First, thank you all for your well wishes. They have meant a lot to me! I am starting to feel a bit better. I didn’t sleep well last night, only 4 hours and I woke up twice during that time.  I was up most the morning in a lot of pain. I made the best that I could with it and made breakfast for the kids and gave Tony breakfast in bed.

I decided I needed to feel good enough to go to my lys for their largest sale of the year. It wasn’t too bad, mostly 20% off. I bought some Kramer Little Lehigh. I bought the pink, “It’s a girl” colorway. My yarn store hasn’t carried this before as I have been in her store looking for cotton dk and coming up with nothing. I have a lot of cute baby patterns that use cotton dk and so am very happy to come across this yarn that is in 100g skeins and reasonably priced. I think after the first of the year I will go back and get some more.
I also bought a pair of superwash sock yarn as my mom has been accidentally felting her socks. She throws them in the washing machine on cold, but her wool socks felt because of the agitation. Apparantly, no hot water is needed.

They had some very pretty Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, but I restrained myself. Also, they had this gorgeous cotton chenille. For some reason I thought it would be fun to make washrags with it and give them as gifts with some scented soaps or bath stuff. Would chenille make good washcloths? I might go back and buy some of this, depends on what you think about my gift idea.

There was this other yarn that said “Touch Me.” It was very soft. I did touch it, just didn’t buy it.

It was fun to get out of the house. Tony had to run some errands in town. He bought Sierra a guitar for Christmas and had to get some finishing touches put on it. This is going to be such a fun Christmas. Yesterday, Tony did all of our Christmas shopping for the kids. It was the first time he did most of the shopping. It was hard for him, but fun and for some reason it makes me happy he did it all. In away it makes him more invested in Christmas and when the kids open their presents he will feel more joy than usual as he handpicked out all the gifts. Of course…I did steer him into the right direction. 😉

We have a few other gift things to put together for other family members and then we are done. 🙂


Thanksgiving and the ER.

November 23, 2006

I woke up this morning with a lot of pain.  This always happens as I sleep through when I should take pain meds and always wake up way past when I should have taken it last and then am behind in the pain a bit.  It is now about 2pm and I am feeling a bit more comfortable.  We didn’t go to my parent’s house this weekend.  I am pretty bummed about that.  I just can’t travel right now.
Tony immediately went out to the store yesterday and bought everything needed to make a Thanksgiving feast.  He was going to cook it all.  Oh…so you see how this is going, huh?

Well, it isn’t what, you, me, or him had expected.   Tony was cooking.  I was taking meds and talking to him in the kitchen.  I told the kids to go outside and play.  As he had just finished cooking the stuffing and the biscuits I went over to the back door to check on the kids.  I peered through the screen door and saw Madeleine picking berries off of a tree.

The tree has been unknown to me since we moved in.  At one time I thought it was a bush, but now that it is well over 15 feet, I have realized it is a tree.  It has bunches of purple matte berries.  The berries are hard and when you break them open they are aromatic.  I don’t know what it is, though.  She didn’t have any traces of it in her mouth, but she told us she swallowed them and that is really all we could get from her.

Here we go again.  I called poison control who suggested we call a local nursery to see if we can figure out what type of berry it is.  On Thanksgiving?  What nursery would be open today?  They said they would call us back.  Well, I would rather be safe than sorry so I sent Tony to the ER with Madeleine and a bunch of the berries and some of the leaves from the tree.

I stuffed the turkey and have it in the oven.  I guess we will be eating a late Thanksgiving dinner as I am sure it won’t be done until about 5pm or later.  Tony hasn’t eaten anything all day, his own fault.  Now he has a migraine and is crabbing that when he comes home he will have to take medicine and lay down.

Madeleine seems to be okay.  He called me from the ER.  They have been there for about a half hour and she is acting normal and has normal vitals.  I bet they will observe her a bit longer and then release her.  I am going to have Tony do some yard pruning this weekend and we will drill it in both of the girls’ heads that they shouldn’t eat anything outside, especially berries.

Sierra has had a huge habit of picking stuff up off the ground and eating it.  Tony really got mad at her because she just sat and watched Madeleine eat the berries and didn’t come and get us.

I am truly Thankful that nothing harmful came from this.  My little Madeleine is such a bright light, I would just die if something happened to her or Sierra.


Aiming for mindless…

November 22, 2006

I have found knitting to be great for trying to forget pain. Seriously. I just keep knitting and I don’t move from the couch. I knit, knit, knit. The focus helps me rid my brain of the “urgency” and the pain associated with it. Sometimes I doze off for 20 minutes and then go back to knitting. I told Tony that I was lucky to be so into an activity that can take my mind away for hours at a time.

The doctor said what I am going through is normal for some people. Then it occured to me I have smaller than normal plumbing and they probably put normal sized tubes in there and it is no wonder I am hurting. I still have yet to actually talk to my doctor. I will not ever use him as a doctor again. I am going to get through this and never go back to that office. I see him on the 28th and am already starting to prepare words for him.

I did pass a few pieces of “beach sand.” I swear that is what it looks like and how small it is. Well enough of that…

Here is a hat I made for Sierra.

While my camera is better (thank you Tony for my early Christmas gift,) I took this at night and not with a great flash, so the picture isn’t as good as it could be.

This is my latest project that I am working on for myself.  It is the Shaped Ribbed Sweater in Cash Iroha in a really pretty Turquoise blue color that had been discontinued.  I have knit over 13 inches of the back, so have about 10 or so inches to go.


Hanging in there…

November 20, 2006

I am recovering from the shockwave procedure I had on Thursday.  I think that in itself would have been fine, but they had to put a scope in me and then put stents in my ureter and it sucks.  The pain from the stents is killing my bladder and it literally is one of the most awful things.   I have “urgency” and extreme pain after going and it is so terrible.  Sometimes the pain stays until the next time I go and sometimes it just aches for a bit and then goes away.  The pain shoots right up into my left kidney and is always on my left side.  My right side feels absolutely fine and pain free.

I am on lots of pain meds, just to tolerate the pain.  Twice I have almost had Tony take me to the ER, but I am such a stubborn person I just couldn’t get myself to go there.  I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and try to get an appointment.  I am constantly feeling like something just isn’t right….like the left kidney is blocked or isn’t working…  So, will see…

I did end up teaching my class on Saturday, which was a pure miracle.  I managed okay, amazingly enough.  It was sort of a small window that I was feeling slightly okay and yes, I was drugged the whole time.  The crochet class went good.  It was the first time I had a student actually finish the project in the class and 1/2 hour before the class ended.  The class was on the Granny Square.

I was unprepared for the knit class, I had cancelled the class and people weren’t suppose to sign up for it, but they did anyways.  In the end, it was okay.  So, I didn’t know I was teaching the class until half way through my crochet class when I noticed that my knitters were signed up for crochet.

I crocheted a granny square on Thursday night, was feeling awake enough to do it, in preparation for my granny square class on Saturday.  I knit a hat on Friday night, knitting in the round is something very easy to do, even if you fall asleep every 20 minutes and then wake up 20 minutes later.

I also finished some toddler socks for Madeleine knit with the Trekking yarn.

I need to take some pictures and get them posted on here.  Today will be a pictureless post, sorry.

I adjusted the sizing of the Shaped Ribbed Sweater in the Dec 06 Knit N Style and casted on with Noro Cash Iroha (which I picked up for a deal about a month ago.)  It is the first time I have worked with this yarn.  It is so lovely.  I am happy to be knitting something for myself right before Christmas.

I think this sweater is working up pretty quickly.  I don’t think I will get done before Bron as she just finished the back and I just started it last night.  I will be lucky if I finish this before 2007.  Ha ha….  One thing I really like about the sweater is the sleeves.  I also think the diagonal stripes will look flattering on me, but we will see.  I am crossing my fingers.

Please keep me in your thoughts.  I would love to wake up tomorrow and be without this pain and am hoping I am well enough to travel on Thursday as I have plans to have Thanksgiving in Mendocino with my folks.