November 6, 2006

I finished Creole this weekend. Most of it I did on Friday and today. Although I was able to work on it a little bit on Saturday night.

Pattern: Creole from Berrocco There were some pattern errors (“what from Berrocco??? How could that be?” said in my most sarcastic tone “Why their patterns never have errors…hardy har har…”)

Seriously, what is up with their patterns? This one was obviously a knit translation into crochet as there was a part that says, “Thread end into tapestry needle and draw through all sts on needle” and well when you are hooking you only have one stitch on the hook, so that didn’t make sense. What I did though was sewed through the last stitches in the last row and then cinched them.

Pattern Correction:

Front and Back:

Row 12: wherever it says fpdc it should say bpdc

Row 15: add a fpdc before the last dc so you have 11 stitches….this is my preference to make the thing symetrical on each side.


Option A: If you want your gusset to be all one pattern (the “striped” pattern) then you need to add a row in between Row 11 & 12. I will name it row 11 1/2.

Row 11 1/2: work the pattern as it says in Row 12, but do bpdc instead of fpdc. Then work Row 12 as in the pattern.

Option B: If you want the part where the handle attaches onto the bag to be different than the underside of the bag, do as follows: Work pattern until you are done with Row 14. Add Row 15 as follws:

Row 15: Ch. 1, *bpdc,dc in next st, rep from * 5 times more, bpdc.

This will flip the pattern so the “striped look goes to the opposite side. Then, continue with the pattern and at the very end of the gusset

I added 2 more rows of the pattern so that it was the same length as the other side.

I did Option B on accident and in a way it was nice for two reason.

1. Is that it makes a natural curl so the end wants to curl over the D ring and back onto itself.

2. Is that you won’t need any place markers as you know exactly where the end of the bag is and where the strap part is for your strap.

Hook: Size G

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed – colorway Earthy Brown

**about the yarn…I LOVE it! I love this color. The brown is such a delicious chocolate brown and it has specks of “fall” in it. I wish I had a sweater in it, but chunky yarn on chunky gal…just doesn’t mix.

The strap is a cheap belt I bought at Walmart and cut. Oh…and the bag is rigged right now as I didn’t have D rings, so I used large safety pins and slip stitched it all together for pictures. I am very happy with it. Even though the pattern had some errors it is a nice pattern and I enjoyed it.

Here is a picture of the row counter that Kayt made for me. She used malachite. It is absolutely gorgeous. She has an Etsy store. Thanks Kayt! It is gorgeous!

***All pictures are clickable…


  1. Great bag!

  2. Cute purse Wendy. You sure are knocking these bags out. I’m jealous!!

  3. Congratulations,Wendy! Looks so pretty! I wish to do it one for me one day, but right now there are too many projects going on! 😉

  4. Very pretty – love the strap and how the lining works with the yarn color…

  5. Gorgeous purse! You rock!

  6. Really cute. The strap is lovely too.

  7. Creole is awesome! LOVE IT!

  8. Gorgeous bag! Love the lining.

  9. I just thought I could sneak by this post back in November without having the incredible urge to make myself one, but noooooo……. you had to update it. ARGH!! lol

    I hope that you are feeling better. One day in the future I will make this purse. Yours is gorgeous. 🙂

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