Hanging in there…

November 20, 2006

I am recovering from the shockwave procedure I had on Thursday.  I think that in itself would have been fine, but they had to put a scope in me and then put stents in my ureter and it sucks.  The pain from the stents is killing my bladder and it literally is one of the most awful things.   I have “urgency” and extreme pain after going and it is so terrible.  Sometimes the pain stays until the next time I go and sometimes it just aches for a bit and then goes away.  The pain shoots right up into my left kidney and is always on my left side.  My right side feels absolutely fine and pain free.

I am on lots of pain meds, just to tolerate the pain.  Twice I have almost had Tony take me to the ER, but I am such a stubborn person I just couldn’t get myself to go there.  I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and try to get an appointment.  I am constantly feeling like something just isn’t right….like the left kidney is blocked or isn’t working…  So, will see…

I did end up teaching my class on Saturday, which was a pure miracle.  I managed okay, amazingly enough.  It was sort of a small window that I was feeling slightly okay and yes, I was drugged the whole time.  The crochet class went good.  It was the first time I had a student actually finish the project in the class and 1/2 hour before the class ended.  The class was on the Granny Square.

I was unprepared for the knit class, I had cancelled the class and people weren’t suppose to sign up for it, but they did anyways.  In the end, it was okay.  So, I didn’t know I was teaching the class until half way through my crochet class when I noticed that my knitters were signed up for crochet.

I crocheted a granny square on Thursday night, was feeling awake enough to do it, in preparation for my granny square class on Saturday.  I knit a hat on Friday night, knitting in the round is something very easy to do, even if you fall asleep every 20 minutes and then wake up 20 minutes later.

I also finished some toddler socks for Madeleine knit with the Trekking yarn.

I need to take some pictures and get them posted on here.  Today will be a pictureless post, sorry.

I adjusted the sizing of the Shaped Ribbed Sweater in the Dec 06 Knit N Style and casted on with Noro Cash Iroha (which I picked up for a deal about a month ago.)  It is the first time I have worked with this yarn.  It is so lovely.  I am happy to be knitting something for myself right before Christmas.

I think this sweater is working up pretty quickly.  I don’t think I will get done before Bron as she just finished the back and I just started it last night.  I will be lucky if I finish this before 2007.  Ha ha….  One thing I really like about the sweater is the sleeves.  I also think the diagonal stripes will look flattering on me, but we will see.  I am crossing my fingers.

Please keep me in your thoughts.  I would love to wake up tomorrow and be without this pain and am hoping I am well enough to travel on Thursday as I have plans to have Thanksgiving in Mendocino with my folks.



  1. Ouch!!! That sounds like an absolutely miserable kidney stone experience! 😦 I hope you’re better soon!

  2. That sounds horribly painful! I do hope that all’s well and that you feel better soon!

  3. You are so in my thoughts Wendy. I hope the pain subsides soon.

  4. That sounds absolutely terrible. Congratulations on making it through your classes! What a heroic effort. You are in my prayers, Wendy.

  5. Poor Wendy. Feel better soon!

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