Kidney Stone Pictures

November 29, 2006

As if there was something better to do when you pass kidney stones…ha. For the sake of science, photography, and well just those curious…here are the stones I have passed. So far only 3 “big ones” and about 50 or more little things that resemble salt all the way up to beach sand. Those along with what I will label stone #1 went with me to the doctor’s office today and were sent to the lab. I never did take a picture of the tiny flakes.

Stone #1 At first it was “black” and then over time it sort of turned whitish and sort of like a mini lava rock. It is about 3mm

Stone #2 & #3 (which really aren’t #2 and #3, but more like number 48 and 49, ha ha…I passed today. Also, both around 3mm, though one maybe a little less. They have an orangish/yellow discoloration sort of due to the dye that I had to take in one of the pills that they claimed would help with my pain (NOT.)

The last pictures have much higher detail and definition, due to the fact that I used a zoom lens that had a nice macro. I had no idea I could get this quality on something so small. It is sort of like a microscope, though I had to stand far away from it and zoom in.

I will come back and update this thread when I find out what mineral it is. Why can’t it be diamond or gold or something of value?

Should I scan my x-rays? They are kind of frankstein looking.



  1. Cool pictures! That last one is very impressive.

    To produce a gold kidney stone, you would need to ingest the gold atoms, unless of course you have some sort of internal nuclear reactor. In which case I hope you have some good radiation shielding.

  2. They SHOULD be gold in recompense for all the pain you’ve gone through! I’m SO sorry you’re still suffering. Makes my recent sleepless nights pale by comparison. However, I’ll admit this is interesting in a weird sort of way…I’ve never seen a kidney stone.

  3. Thanks for sharing them for the nosy masses!

  4. Owie! I feel so much for you! *hugs* (And I’m always up for pics. 😉 )

  5. I’m so excited to see the pictures! I visited a path lab at the local hospital when I lived in England and I was the last to leave, they had to drag me away from the specimen jars…my favorite bit was…never mind, that maybe TMI for those with a squeamish stomach! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Ugh, that sounds so miserable. I’m so glad they have passed. Although “passed” is way to docile a word to work in that context. It’s amazing how much pain a tiny little speck can cause, eh? Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

  7. Hi sympathy for you, am going through similar probs at the moment [30 years since i last passed stones].Not enjoying it at all

  8. Hi dude, just want to share this; your stones are little pepples compared to mine. About an hour ago i just passed one about 13mm long and 6.5mm dia.

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