Knit Bits – my opinion

December 1, 2006

This post is in regards to Knit Bits #164, Dec 06 issues.  It is the email newsletter that Berroco sends out.  They always have something blog worthy on it because many times their star pattern is odd and unusual, to say the least.

Example:  Footsie Pillow

Now I understand the need to knit yourself something when your feet are cold, but this just seems hazardous.  You can’t really jump up and run to the phone.   I caution anyone who makes this to remember you have a pillow on your feet and it is basically cuffing them together.  Danger, don’t stand up and try to walk.

I think you should only knit this if you are under the age of 30 as anyone older will risk broken bones.   This pillow seems only good if you have cats (or a dog) that normally sleeps on your feet.  Atleast they have a nice spot to lay their head.

However, it seems like you would save more time and yarn by just making cool slippers or felted clogs.

In addition, Gina wrote in to Berroco to find out if she could substitue a woolen yarn in her stash for the yarn they suggested for the Brea Bag.  The answer they gave was terrible.  Truly.  Gina, I know you probably will never find my blog.  However, if you do…the answer is:

More than likely yes you can substitute with that yarn.  Pick a solid color as varigated doesn’t show the cables as well.  You probably wouldn’t want yarn smaller than dk weight or larger than chunky.
If you have questions, find an online support group.  I started up a great one, but there are lots of knitting online forums out there with helpful people who will give you real answers, not politically correct unhelpful…only wanting to sell their yarn answers.  What if you happened to be allergic to alpaca?  It would have been nice if they would have given a real answer to poor Gina.

I knit my Brea Bag with Cascade Sierra, a very nice Wool/Cotton blend.   I think this is a good reminder that I need to line the bag and finish it.  Maybe I will get time this weekend.


  1. I was at a loss for words on that one…
    I would as well think that a pair of slippers or socks even would make more sense…
    to each their own but more often than not their newletters leave me shaking my head in wonder…

  2. Yeah, the footsie pillow didn’t make much sense to me either. Warm feet are good, but slippers work for that. Pillows are good for putting feet *on*… but *in*? Strange.

  3. Wendy you just reminded me that my Brea bag is ready to have handles and a closure…I lined it, which was tricky and then got distracted. Thank you big time! Now where did I stash that UFO…?

  4. glad your feeling better! I saw that issue and thought the same thing, hmm a pillow attached to your feet!!
    No thank you! I may break soemthing…

  5. A pillow with footsies?? I’m scratching my head over that one, LOL.

    And what kind of an answer was that to Gina, I’d like to know. Duh!

    On another note, glad to see you’re feeling better Wendy.

  6. LOL! Wendy, I have to agree with you there on that pillow contraption! I would seem to hinder mobility. Too bizarre!

  7. D’oh! I = It

  8. That is the funniest pattern I have seen in a long time. I guess it is for folks who don’t HAVE to do anything except sit and knit. Maybe even with a cat dozing on their feet!

  9. That is funny! What’s funnier is I’d probably use something like that … just for watching tv or whatever, but my feet are always cold. LOL

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