Should have done this in 2006

January 9, 2007


First, I received two really nice fiber related presents for Christmas that I never posted about.

Deneen sent me some gorgeous batts of roving. Two were natural and two were in this colorway.

Bron sent me some yummy munchies. I was such a glutton and I ate most all of it, though Tony and I did split the last piece of fudge. She also sent me 6 skeins of my most favorite yarn, the beloved, NEW Cotton-ease. I absolutely love this color. It is a mix between blue and purple.

Finally, I finished Baroque from the Happy Hooker. I should have finished it in 2006, but it got sort of hectic around the holidays and so I put it down. What was going to be a Christmas present, will more than likely be my mother’s birthday present. I will post a picture of her wearing it when I give it to her in a month or so.

I blocked it, and there were some sections that were really off kilter. The yarn I used is Noro Lily. It is a soft and yet springy yarn. Against Deneen’s advice, I hit it with the iron as I needed steam to shrink up some areas that were a bit stretched. Well…one small section got a bit too much and I burned the silk.

Tony and I looked at it and it really looks just a little “dirty” in a small section on the outer edge and isn’t noticeable unless you really look at it, though it is “rougher” in that area. I decided if it bugs my mom I will pull out the trim and redo that part.

Okay…and what really belongs in 2007? How about a sock…

I started this garter ribbed sock. This is the Socks that Rocks (remember the one that had all of those knots?) I love this colorway. It was one of the last colorways that they had last year at Stitches West. I think it is gorgeous and really does suit me well. These socks are for me. 🙂


  1. Oh, that roving colorway is pretty (looked different on the website and I like the way it looks rolled up here better :)). The new cotton ease color is pretty.

    Ack-no iron Wendy! Hopefully she won’t notice or it won’t bother her-at least it’s the trim.

    Nice colorway on the sock.

  2. I love the colorway, too.

    Good luck on the healthy habits. I’m trying too. I’m in the same war. I’ll do fine for a week and then go nuts on the week-end. Two steps forward, one step back.

  3. What fun gifts! That roving colorway is gorgeous.
    And I’ll have to check out the new Cotton Ease. I really like that color.
    The Baroque turned out beautiful! That color is really pretty.

  4. Are you going to stitches this year?

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