Growing a sock

January 10, 2007

Here is some more progress on my garter ribbed sock.  I think I should have done regular 2×2 ribbing for the first inch to pull/gather the sock at the top.  This garter rib sort of spreads the ribs and while that is a nice design, I have a feeling the socks will be a bit slouchy.  Oh well, I have committed to this, so we will see what I get.  I also feel a cast on of 64 stitches is a bit much and in retrospect, think I could have done fine with maybe 10 less stitches.

Tomorrow I start spring semester.   There is no way I am withdrawing from it.  I am taking two classes and am just going to get through it.  The good news is it is only Wednesday from noonish to almost 3 and then Friday is 8ish to almost 4.  So I will have a long day on Friday, hopefully with some breaks, but it is the only day I have to commit to getting up “early” and I can deal with that, really I can.  🙂

I started to take this class, Anatomy last summer from the same instructor, so I know what to expect.  He teaches directly from the book.  His quizes are worded from the book, but he is very easy to understand and explains things well.  He is a chiropractor and has an interesting perspective on the human body.

I am also taking an online political science class.  Tony is also going to school this semester.  He is taking two business classes, both online.  Yes, we are busy, busy, busy…but it is good for both of us.

One final thing is I am back on trying to become healthy again.  It will be a never ending life process for me.  I am still working on eating healthy but now putting more of my focus on getting on the treadmill every day.  I don’t care if I go mediocre or actually work up a hard sweat.  I am really just trying to be consistent and getting on the darn thing.

I have done pretty well, though as this is the second week of me committing myself to it.  🙂  I know it is going to be easy for me to find an excuse not to get on it, but there isn’t going to be anymore excuses.



  1. Good for you on committing time to yourself~

    Good luck with the A & P-I am taking that course in September.

  2. Cool sock! What yarn is that? I really like the colors in it.
    So sorry you’re having troubles again and that you had to drop that class. Hang in there!

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