January 26, 2007

Tonight I went to put my needlemaster needles together. I finally found some more yarn to increase the collar of the shrug I made back in October. So I attached two lengths of the cable together and started to attach the needles. They screw on.

You are suppose to get out this little tightening tool and the rubber round thing and then tighten everything down real good. However, I haven’t been able to find the tightening tool or the round thing for awhile. So, I started to tighten the needle just by hand.


Now, I know that I am strong for a woman. I have always had this weird, crazy strength and in college would challenge and beat men in arm wrestling. That was college, though.  This is now. It is obvious that my needles had a defect. It is hard to tell in the picture, but the cable end is suppose to have a screw part sticking out. Apparantly, the screw part just snapped off and is inside of my size 8 needle.

Not only do I have to replace the cable, but I need to replace the needle as well.

Honestly, this is the last straw for the Boye Needlemaster and me. Seriously! When I first bought the Needlemaster a few years ago I didn’t notice that some of the cables had gaps were they attached to the screw part. Sometimes my yarn would get caught in there. It took me awhile to realize this was a defect. I contacted the company who really could not tell me much, except that if I mailed them the needles they would look at it to determine what to do.

At the time, the needlemaster was practically all that I used and I couldn’t afford to send them back to Boye. So I put it off….and well, now this.

Long story short, a little fairy sent me one pair of the Knitpicks Options and so I will be ordering those.

I finished one sock and the second sock is going remarkbly fast. I love them. They are a perfect fit for me, no sag in the arch and the toe is perfect. Tony even complimented me and told me I was getting better at them every time.

I still have kidney aches. I don’t know if it is just the beginning of something to come or if my kidney is just recovering from its torturous past. As the old saying goes, only time will tell.

Oh, one last thing, I completed these the other day. They match my crocheted hat.



  1. I would seriously write to Boye, send them the picture, etc. That’s crap.

    Getting better at socks, eh? I think the ones you made for me were fabulous-what does Tony know????

    Love the wristwarmers!

  2. Bummer about the Boyes! I’m with Deneen – write ’em!

    But, on the other hand, Knitpicks Options seriously kick Boye’s needles’ butt.


    Cute wristwarmers!

  3. Jumping on the bandwagon – definitely write Boye and send photos.

    I love how your sock is looking and I really love those wristwarmers!

  4. I’m sorry about your Boyes. How frustrating! I have the Denise needles and I love them. Been using them for almost 2 years now. I’ve even purchased two 40″ extenders. I just love them. I heard the Knitpicks ones are good too.

    Your sockies are awesome! So are the wristwarmers! Love productivity. Keep going sistah!

  5. ok, where are my socks??? hehe They look great!

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