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Stash enhancing

February 28, 2007

From Stitches West:

2 Merino/Tencel roving in a teal/silverish colorway

Corriedale Roving (Mahagony) all roving is from Carolina Homespun

2 hanks of Sock Candy (cotton/elite) in colorway Lapis from Blue Moon Fiber Art  (this yarn is so soft and stretchy.)

3 hanks of Koigu  KPPPM in colors that look like fruitloops.  I believe is says on it P111.

Set of Brittany Needles

2 sets of sock needles (not shown) in sizes 2 1/2 and 1 1/2.  I have never seen half sizes in sock needles, for some reason that made me happy.

1 bottle of Lavender wool wash.

From the yarn store that is going out of business:

Jordana Paige “The Knitter’s Purse”

Bag (10 balls) of Debbie Bliss Cathay in black.  It is a cotton/microfiber/silk blend.

4 hanks of Cherry Tree Hill Silk/Merino Blend in various colorways.  I think I am going to make a clapotis with them and rotate different balls in different rows, since they have similar colors in the colorways.

3 hanks of Cotton Chenille from Crystal Palace yarns, 2 in a dark blue and one in a bright pink color.

1 hank of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in a Birch colorway.

3 rubber stamps, one with a spinning wheel and a dragon and 2 with balls of yarn (one went to my magic yarn ball swappee.)

3 Tree buttons

6 Hello Kitty buttons

YES, I am a happy girl.

Oh, and to top it off, I have a job interview.  There are 3 job openings in this company.  The interview will either be on Thursday or Friday.  It will be a bit of a commute, so I have a lot to think about, but not as bad as when I use to commute in Washington.  It is money and it is in a field I am highly familiar with, health insurance.  It will put Tony and I one step closer to buying a house.

With Sierra going to school all day in the Fall, it would only be a bit of an adjustment for Madeleine.  However, atleast she would be home with Tony for most of the day.  I would only need to find childcare from the time he goes to work at 2:30pm to when I would get home around 5:30pm.  I think the hardest adjustment is going to be between me and Tony as I will hardly get to see him.


Teeth, new Comp, Yarn store…

February 27, 2007

First, I have a toothache and it is killing me.  I have suspected I had a hole in my tooth for awhile.  I floss and brush every day.  Well, I think it is just to the point where it needs to be fixed and NOW.  Toothaches suck!  I am suspecting this is why my glands (on the same side) were killing me last week.  I never did get sick.

This weekend I drove to the bay area and went to Stitches West.  It was a lot of fun.   Funny thing is some people there recognized me from last year.  I didn’t meet up with any bloggers.  It is really easy for me at times to just do things with my own family and then not try to connect with other people.  I don’t know why I am like that.

I got some pretty roving, some sock yarn (Socks That Rock and Koigu,) and some dpn’s.  I visited with my favorite yarn store, Mendocino Yarn Shop.  I love the owner, Annelle.   I got a lot of advice from her about opening up my own yarn business.

Long story short, but my local yarn store is going out of business.  I saw it as an opportunity to buy the business.  However, as she is going out of business, she doesn’t have as much inventory as she use to.  Also, the overhead of the store is too high for us.  So I just am worried I would struggle too much in the beginning.  After thinking about it constantly for over a week, crunching numbers, crunching more numbers, and then more numbers, interviewing friends, bugging family, securing financing, etc…Well, I just don’t have what I need to take it over/start it up.

Tomorrow I am going there to buy some of her yarn that she has left at 50% off.

On the way home from Stitches we stopped at Fry’s.   Tony picked up a new CPU, Motherboard, Hard Drive, and Memory and built us a new computer.  It is fast.  🙂

So, now I can multi-task without worrying about the computer overheating and shutting off.   The only problem is all of my old files and programs are on the old computer, so Tony is going to spend tonight loading them onto the new computer.

Sierra has two more days of school and then is off for the month of March.  My mom is going to be here this weekend for her birthday.  🙂


Attempt at a Garden

February 23, 2007

So last year, I cleared out the back planter box, but never planted a garden.  It was a ton of work to get the planter box cleared out of the lilac bushes that were in it.  I planted one lavender bush and that was it.

My lavender was doing good, but then this large weed started growing next to it.  You see, there is a drip system and so the weed’s root grew into where the water, and my lavender plant was.  I think it has killed my lavender as it feels kind of dry like, though I can’t be sure.  I don’t know what I can do to save my lavender.

I dug the weed out.  It was a monster.  Look at that root!!  It took tons of digging and then all of my strength and weight to pull that honk’n thing out.

Last summer, the ground got hard and weeds took over the back planter box.

It is now time to start working in the box and getting rid of the weeds.  I don’t want to do weed control stuff as I am hoping to plant vegetables in there and I don’t want chemicals in my vegetables.  So, I think I am going to have to do this the old fashioned way, pull the weeds.

It is bad, because the weeds are those noxious kind that grip with all of their might.  They are like that choke grass stuff.  I don’t know what kind of weeds they are, but they suck.  The back neighbors put in a new fence and burried all of the weeds in dirt.  So, while my planter box looks like it is weed free, it is misleading.  Under the inch of dirt are weeds, mean, nasty weeds.

I think my best bet is to dig them out section by section.  Of course, if I rented a rota-tiller, that would probably be the best, but I don’t think that is in my budget.

In the corner of my planter box is the unknown tree.  Last year I thought it was a bush, but this year, I think it is a tree.  

It would be nice if I could identify this tree.  On Thanksgiving, Madeleine at the berries off of this tree and we had to take her to the ER.  She didn’t get sick, but I was paranoid and wanted to be safe, in case she had a sudden reaction.

If you can identify this tree, let me know.  I would love to know more about this tree.

Tony and I have been tempted to chop the thing down and we have the landlord’s approval.  It is just too inviting for kids to eat the berries.  However, it is the only shade in our backyard, so we decided to keep.  Plus, we won’t always be living here.  I keep asking Tony to cut down the berry sections.  You know how that is…I will probably be out there next weekend doing it.

After all, I had asked him to pull out the big honk’n weed that was choking my lavender last fall.  I think if he would have done it then my lavender wouldn’t have died.

Oh, and Lyndy…your plant isn’t doing so well, either.  It had a really hard time when we had that cold snap and almost all of the leaves have died.  I am going to cut off the old stuff and the branches to see if that will save it.  That poor plant has had the worst shock this last year.  First it went from bay area weather to the valley weather.  Then, it went through the major heat wave last summer and almost died.  Now it went through a major cold spell and almost died…well see if it is a survivor.

I will leave you with some photos I took of the flowers Tony gave me for Valentine’s day.  These were taken over the weekend, so they were just on the verge of starting to die.

The vase he bought me for Christmas many years ago when we both had a very small budget to spend.


Stitches West

February 22, 2007

I am going to Stitches West on Sunday.  If you are also planning to be there on Sunday, let me know and maybe we can plan a meetup inside the convention center.  You really won’t be able to miss me there as I am the one with the husband and two kids in tow.  I noticed last year there weren’t many men, especially husbands wandering around.

This year I have a few really good reasons for going and personal yarn acquisition probably won’t be one of those reasons.  I have BIG and I mean BIG things in the works and well…let’s just say it will be good to get out and do some networking with big yarn vendors.  🙂

Back to knitting…it is slow going, I need about 38 inches and it is taking me about 20 to 30 minutes to knit 1 inch.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

February 20, 2007

I crocheted this months ago, thinking it would make a nice baby gift for my friend.  However, when I finished it, I realized the homespun was too thick for this California weather.  It almost seemed carpet like.  So, I left it on the shelf without trim.

My work has been giving me a bad time about not having cute things to attract people to my classes.  I think they were suggesting baby items.  So I trimmed the baby sweater with some pink homespun someone gave me and added some buttons (from Walmart.)  After I put it all together, I realized that I seemed it inside out and the long part of the front should have been on the other side.  Oh well, I decided it didn’t matter (especially since no one will ever wear it) and it still looks cute.

I didn’t straighten the buttons before I took the picture.

Pattern: Baby It’s Cold Outside

I am behind in knitting up a project for a book submission.  The deadline for that is the 23rd and I am not close to being done knitting it.  Being sick last week just did not help me.



February 15, 2007

Me:  Madeleine, how do you feel?

Madeleine:  Happy!

Yep, I have had to ask her to stop trying to “leap frog” over her sister this morning.  She is bubbly, happy, and hungry.  Kids….they bounce back so quickly.  It is amazing she spent all night throwing up and this morning she is perfectly normal.

I am good too.  I feel better than I have in a long, long time.  My back isn’t hurting me.  No kidney pain.  I am not sick.  I got up sort of early this morning.  All is good.

Today I need to pull things out of the closets and work on things in the garage as we are having a garage sale with the neighbors tomorrow and Saturday.  Tony has been good about not helping me get ready for this.  It reminds me of when we go away on a trip.  He talks about getting ready and I am the one who actually packs everything up, etc.

I also need to do a lot of knitting.   A LOT!  Seriously!  I have A LOT of knitting to do.


My Maddie…

February 15, 2007

She got the bug, too…poor thing.  And, ironically I will be having to reshampoo-ing the carpets…

I thought it was food poisoning that I got since it came on so violently, but now I think it is just a really bad virus.

I had more energy yesterday than today.  I am tired and have a bad headache.  I was suppose to get my hair done today, but didn’t go.

Tony bought me roses.  They are pretty.  I haven’t done any knitting or anything.