Mini Update

February 5, 2007

I am up to the neck of the front of my dad’s sweater.  His birthday is on Friday, I doubt I will get it finished by then.  I won’t be seeing him this weekend and while I could mail it, I would rather hand deliver it, wouldn’t want it to get lost in the mail.  I finished the back a few weeks ago.  So I have to do the sleeves and then seam it all together.

I started another sock, it is almost to the heel.  I will take a picture soon.

I haven’t made progress on my sweater, it is on hold until after I get some other projects out of the way.

I have some design projects in progress and one that has a deadline in the next few weeks.

I also am continually trying to stay prepared for my knitting/crochet classes every Saturday.  This weekend will be class demo in front of the store, so no crochet class.

However, I am planning on teaching a knitting class.  It is so hard to stay prepared for the classes.  I either have to come up with my own patterns or ask permission to use patterns, which sometimes I am told NO and then I have to knit or crochet up the item we are making.  Then, on top of that sometimes the class is cancelled because no one shows up or the class is all beginners and I cancel the project and teach basic knit or basic crochet.   In some ways it would be so much easier if the store had a set program for their knitting/crochet classes with pre-decided projects.  While it might be boring for me or I might not have as much creative control over the class there would be an easiness and not as stressful to have pre-determined projects.

On top of everything I have a bad stomach bug and I am really crabby.


  1. I hope you feel better soon.

    You always have so many irons in the fire WIP wise, I’m much to anal for that. Your dad is gonna love that sweater!

    I think my Michaels has the crochet stuff prepicked before the classes (it’s always the same thing).

  2. wow, we both got sick on the same day…weird. I am just gettting over the flu, it has been a yucky start to a week.

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