For My MOM:

February 8, 2007

Apparantly, yarn and socks are not very exciting to my mom.  She has been visiting my blog looking for the kids…

Here they are…

Madeleine is very enthusiastic, but kept blinking when the flash would hit her, so this is the best pic:

Don’t ask my why Sierra has these things on her head or why she looks so grumpy.  Just one of those days, I guess:


  1. Cute pics-BTW, Elena used to get the matting and dreads if I wasn’t careful too (sorry to answer your post here, glad you posted)

  2. Your kiddos are gorgeous!!

  3. Not just for your Mom – we like the pics too! Your kids are WAY too cute!

  4. I love my socks and the pictures of the girls, send me more. love MOM

  5. Your girls are so beautiful!

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