Seeing BLUE

February 14, 2007

I have been spending every bit of last energy that I have trying to clean the house. The very first thing I did was the toilets. I think I used over half of the bottle of clorox soft scrub. Overkill, I am sure. Just had to make sure no germs existed.

Well, my mothering instincts are on full clean mode and even though I am still exhausted and not full strength, I moved all of the furniture and carpet shampoo’d the living room carpets. Yes, Yes, Yes…Crazy!

However, the kicker is that I was doing this at 3am. Yes, I am CRAZY. No need to give me a lecture about my back or anything else. If my mind is set on something I do it. I pay for it later, story of my life.

Now, the real crazy thing, and the whole reason why I turned the computer back on is that I had to share this next little story about my carpet cleaning adventure.

So I am working my way around the living room and in the center, Madeleine had colored on the floor with blue crayon. I went over it several times and it looked fine. Well, a bit later I started to notice these BLUE streaks all around the living room. First it was just a little here and there. However, next thing I know it is every where.

There is BLUE streaks all over my white carpet shampoo’d floor.

Where is the BLUE coming from? It is driving me crazy. I empty the water. I look under the machine, just the normal fuzzies and dirt under there.

I am thinking about what a carpet machine would do if it got crayon stuck on the brushes.

I am thinking about maybe an invisible pen that is now no longer invisible.

I am rolling the wheels and the brushes and cannot make sense of the blue. I wipe everything down and then start making my way around the room again.

MORE BLUE! I have literally dyed my whole living room carpet BLUE! It is like a scary Dr. Seuss book!

Well, this really defeats the purpose of shampoo’ing the carpets if I am going to make a worse mess of what is here. I knew that Tony would flip out in the morning if he saw what I had done. He would then probably point out that I should have done THIS instead of THAT.

So, I do what any CRAZY wife would do and I wake him up (he had gone to bed about 45 minutes earlier) and I tell him to help me.

Usually if I ask for help at 4am in the morning it is because I was up doing aerobics and twisted my ankle and couldn’t get up or because of some other crazy stunt. So he came downstairs pretty quickly to see what I was up to.

He also was perplexed by the BLUE, but not mad at me. He was confused, as was I. He watched me shampoo the carpets and watched as the BLUE would suddenly appear.

Then…AHA…My shoes! It must be my shoes! I flipped them off and looked at the bottom of them and…

No BLUE! However, I was determined there was something wrong with the shoes and so I changed shoes.

I stood back behind the carpet machine, drove it again around the living room, and again….

Yep, Painted the damn room BLUE! As now you can imagine the living room is one big BLUE mess.

BLUE, like PEN, like DYE, like the DYE that was bleeding out of my BLUE jeans.

Yes, everyone, the CRAZY woman that writes this blog, successfuly dyed her living room carpet BLUE with her own BLUE jeans tonight.

AND, as you might have suspected, I finished the job in my panties, as I was too lazy (or tired…matter of perspective) to go put on shorts) and now my living room is well, no longer BLUE but is clean.

Oh…and I need to add, thanks for the well wishes.  I am feeling better, no more belly aches, etc.  Sierra seems to have bounced back quick as well as she was able to eat chicken noodle soup for dinner without much of a problem.  If she doesn’t have a fever tomorrow I told her she could go to school.  If she is feverish or has other symptoms I will send Tony to her school with her valentine cards.  I know that is strange, but we bought them and I don’t want her to miss out.  He can bring her cards home.  She is off of school Thursday, Friday, and Monday, so has plenty of time to read all of her cards.



  1. LMAO at thinking about you washing your carpets in your panties at 4 in the morining! Who would have thought it was in the jeans? They must have gotten wet? Anyways, you should now take it easy the next few days, you deserve it. Now all I can think of is that song; I’m blue da da de da da….

  2. Strange, but true story, eh?

    I can’t beleive you were doing this at 4:00 AM-for that, Mike would be mad.

  3. OMG, that has really put a smile on my dial today reading this story. Similar thing happened to me except I was rushed to the ER by Ambulance because my legs turned blue, little did we know was that it was my brand new jeans that I had failed to wash before wearing. Needless to say the hospital staff found the humorous side to it.

    At least you now know that if you are going to clean your carpets in the middle of the night, to not wear jeans!!!!!! LOL

  4. Wendy you made my day. LMAO

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