Baby It’s Cold Outside

February 20, 2007

I crocheted this months ago, thinking it would make a nice baby gift for my friend.  However, when I finished it, I realized the homespun was too thick for this California weather.  It almost seemed carpet like.  So, I left it on the shelf without trim.

My work has been giving me a bad time about not having cute things to attract people to my classes.  I think they were suggesting baby items.  So I trimmed the baby sweater with some pink homespun someone gave me and added some buttons (from Walmart.)  After I put it all together, I realized that I seemed it inside out and the long part of the front should have been on the other side.  Oh well, I decided it didn’t matter (especially since no one will ever wear it) and it still looks cute.

I didn’t straighten the buttons before I took the picture.

Pattern: Baby It’s Cold Outside

I am behind in knitting up a project for a book submission.  The deadline for that is the 23rd and I am not close to being done knitting it.  Being sick last week just did not help me.



  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Here’s the plan: don’t do any other projects until you complete the one for the book!

    I’ll be your cheerleader from a distance, g-o, g-o, g-o…..WENDY~

    (after I posted this, I realized it was under the wrong day…so here it is again…)

  2. Put Michael’s on the back burner and git er done with the knitting.

    That Michaels is a PITA or so it seems to me anyway.

  3. Love the finished sweater – very cute!

    Good luck finishin up that knitting – you can do it!

  4. I have a baby niece that’s (over)due any day now and this would be great. I have some good colors of nice soft yarn already and everything.

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