Teeth, new Comp, Yarn store…

February 27, 2007

First, I have a toothache and it is killing me.  I have suspected I had a hole in my tooth for awhile.  I floss and brush every day.  Well, I think it is just to the point where it needs to be fixed and NOW.  Toothaches suck!  I am suspecting this is why my glands (on the same side) were killing me last week.  I never did get sick.

This weekend I drove to the bay area and went to Stitches West.  It was a lot of fun.   Funny thing is some people there recognized me from last year.  I didn’t meet up with any bloggers.  It is really easy for me at times to just do things with my own family and then not try to connect with other people.  I don’t know why I am like that.

I got some pretty roving, some sock yarn (Socks That Rock and Koigu,) and some dpn’s.  I visited with my favorite yarn store, Mendocino Yarn Shop.  I love the owner, Annelle.   I got a lot of advice from her about opening up my own yarn business.

Long story short, but my local yarn store is going out of business.  I saw it as an opportunity to buy the business.  However, as she is going out of business, she doesn’t have as much inventory as she use to.  Also, the overhead of the store is too high for us.  So I just am worried I would struggle too much in the beginning.  After thinking about it constantly for over a week, crunching numbers, crunching more numbers, and then more numbers, interviewing friends, bugging family, securing financing, etc…Well, I just don’t have what I need to take it over/start it up.

Tomorrow I am going there to buy some of her yarn that she has left at 50% off.

On the way home from Stitches we stopped at Fry’s.   Tony picked up a new CPU, Motherboard, Hard Drive, and Memory and built us a new computer.  It is fast.  🙂

So, now I can multi-task without worrying about the computer overheating and shutting off.   The only problem is all of my old files and programs are on the old computer, so Tony is going to spend tonight loading them onto the new computer.

Sierra has two more days of school and then is off for the month of March.  My mom is going to be here this weekend for her birthday.  🙂

One comment

  1. Yep random thoughts is right! LOL.
    Have a great time celebrating moms bday, wish I could be there!

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