Passing time…

March 7, 2007

Sock…Baby Cable Rib…in Lorna’s Laces…

You can’t really see the stitch definition real well, but I am liking it.

Crocheted baby blanket for my cousin’s baby:

It is made with 2 different colors of homespun and then two strands of Caron Simply soft. It is kind of thick, so I am hoping it is used more as a floor blanket. I ran out of the darker homespun, so I am probably going to start going around the blanket in the dark blue SS and the light blue homespun.

I did some more spinning. This has silk in it. I am looking into getting involved with the local spinning guild. It isn’t very close to me though. Their last meeting on Sunday was an hour away. I hope that I can get together with them periodically. I really want to be able to learn to spin sock yarn.

I know I have some old projects I need to pickup and finish. One of those is my dad’s sweater. I need to get the sleeves knitted up.

The job search is going okay. I have been thinking about the job I interviewed for and I am not sure if it will be a good fit. Honestly, besides the commute, their hours are not set. So it could be possibly that I would have to work the late shift and get off at 7:30pm. I wouldn’t get home until 8:30pm and that isn’t acceptable to me. I want to find something closer and where I got off work around the time Sierra got out of school.

I received an email on another application that was an auto-email. They told me I didn’t meet the minimum criteria. So, I sent their hr an email explaining why I thought I did with my resume. We will see what happens.

It is crazy that I am looking for a job and then today I didn’t leave the house because my kidney stone was killing me. Apparently I am a factory for those. Don’t ask questions here as I have no answers. The doctor told me I had no stones in my left kidney and that is where it hurts. That is where the last stone came from, too.

eta:  this morning I had blood in my urine again, so maybe this is a sign that I am closer to passing the stone.



  1. Beautiful knit, crocheted and spun items.

    Crap about the kidney stone. When I finally see the urologist, I’ll let you know what he says about it.

  2. Love, love love the sock pattern! Is it purchased or free? If free, would you please send the link? :o)
    What color/dye lot is the dark Lion Brand homespun you are using on the floor may blankie? I have some darker blue LB homespun, and if it’s the same I can send it to you.

  3. I was told a 6 pack of Pepsi and a can of asparagus mixed together will get a stone to pass. Tim’s nurse told me her sister did it and it worked.


    Oh, I love all your projects as usual. You get such great ideas.

  4. Sorry you are feeling so crappy. Maybe we can get together when you are feeling better?

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