March 9, 2007

I need to buy myself some new shirts. Almost two years ago, something happened and almost all of my shirts got these really big dark stains on them. I thought it was from the laundry detergent, but could never figure it out. 90% of my t-shirts had this. I still wore them, though as I couldn’t really afford to go out and buy new shirts.

I did get a few shirts last summer, but they are already starting to wear out, pill real bad, etc.

I thought I would buy some shirts at Old Navy and was hoping to buy something other than t-shirts. I cannot believe they are trying to sell these baby doll shirts. Who are they kidding?


The only people who can wear these shirts are models or pregnant women. If I wore one of these shirts, the top would look nice, but EVERYONE would wonder if I was pregnant. Let me tell you, that is the last thing a plus sized woman wants.

I went into the DressBarn and almost all of their clothes were long sleeved. This is California. They need to move those clothes out. I can’t see anyone buying long sleeved anything right now. The high today is suppose to be 67 and the high tomorrow is going to be 74. That is short sleeved shirt and short weather to me…

I am pretty picky about buying clothes.

First, shirts can be only cotton. I might buy something with spandex, but that is becoming more rare as that tends to shrink upwards. It has to be cotton, though as anything else will cause me to sweat and I hate sweating. Blends make me sweat, also.

Secondly, I am cheap. I will not pay over $25 for a shirt and really, that is pushing it. If is isn’t on sale, I won’t buy it. It would just suck up too much of my money to buy things that aren’t on sale. Even if I had unlimited income, I couldn’t see spending $60 or more on a shirt….well, unless it laundered itself or something like that.

Oh, and Deneen…I am not going to try the six pack of Pepsi and can of asparagus. I would never buy or eat asparagus out of a can, nor would I drink it with a 6 pack of Pepsi. If I drank a 6 pack of Pepsi in one sitting, I would be bouncing of the walls and then would probably crash and hour later from a major sugar drop. Gag!


  1. I know what you mean…I love the clothing at Lane Bryant, but can’t justify the amount. Although if I won the lottery… 🙂

  2. I missed the post about the latest kidney stone, did you swallow gravel or something?! Hope you feel better soon and don’t get any more.

  3. I am like you about clothing-cotton tee’s, no stretch. I need clothes too, although it warmed up to a toasty 49 here today. My clothes are several years old.

    I get those stains also and I think it’s fabric softener-

    I hope that stone moves on out

  4. I’m with you on those shirts. And I wish Old Navy would move out of the clingy tee phase… I LOVE Old Navy but my chunk roll does not want to be on display or passed off as a baby bump. Plus they’re losers for removing their Plus lines from the stores.

    We’re hitting 40 today with a “wintry mix”. Blah… Wish I was where you are. 🙂

  5. You’re right… they all look pregnant to me. Perhaps the long sleeves are for the air conditioning? 😉

  6. Wendy, I am sooo with ya on the clothes topic. All these damn empire waist tops.. *ICK* Everytime I see one I think MATERNITY. I hate em. Also items I buy must be on sale. If I cannot get a deal on my clothes, then I don’t need em that badly. Of course I am in desperate need of clothes! I hate hate hate shopping for clothes.

  7. […] Mystery Stains- Solved August 30th, 2007 Once upon a time, I wrote a post about needing new shirts.  Something was causing mysterious stains on my shirts.  Deneen suspected it could be from fabric […]

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