Back out

March 14, 2007

My back is out today, really, really bad.

I have some options. I could take a muscle relaxer, pain meds, or just deal with it. I hate being drugged up when home with just me and the kids.

It is really bad, probably the worst it has been in months. It is my fault as I had moved the couch looking for my cell phone, lifted a rubbermade container, and other stupid things.

024 is not helping me…IJoy is not helping me.

eta:  On Friday, I bought 3 shirts from b&lu.  Two of them were tank tops, one was a shirt.  The tank tops came today.  The t-shirt was out of stock and so they said they are refunding my money, though that hasn’t showed up in my bank yet.  I am impressed by the shipping time.  That is QUICK!!  The tank tops are really soft.  They are long, too, but fitted, which I like.   I bough the Ink culture tank and the revival tank in berry.  I will probably shop from them again.  I like their rocker look.

I really wanted this tattoo shirt, but I have no business buying long sleeved shirt in the summer, especially when it is $38.  I guess there must be a market still for long sleeve shirts in some areas of the US, but not here.  If it later goes on sale, maybe I will consider it.


  1. Oh yuck! I hope that your back feels better soon!

  2. Crap! Those massage chairs seem to always make stuff worse for me. I hope it feels better soon!

  3. boooo! Have your back out is one of the worst. Mine was especially bad after an auto accident. The chiro became my bestest friend. I understand about not wanting to be drugged up while alone home with the kids. Try taking a nice long soak in the tubby; with perhaps some peppermint or lavendar oil. Feel better soon!

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