To the Farm

March 20, 2007

On Thursday, the girls and I (and maybe Tony) will be going to a friend’s farm.  She has 4 baby sheep and she told me they will catch them and let Sierra hold a baby sheep.  How cute is that!  Sierra is so excited.   I will definitely post some pictures.

I saw the urologist yesterday.  He said drink lots and lots of water.  I go back in June.  He forgave me for not getting the testing done.  He knew I had a rough time in January and now have the bills to follow.   My hospital portion to pay is $500 and insurance’s is over $3,000.  What a ripoff!

I have been very airheaded lately.  For over 2 weeks, I had lost my cellphone.  Apparently, it was under the seat of my truck.   This weekend, I lost my wedding ring.  I found it later in my pants pocket.  Then, I thought I put it in my jewelry box and found it again ontop of a dresser.  I feel like if I am on with some things in my life, I am off in other areas.

Tony has been very stressed out lately.  He has taken on a new position in his company, but is still waiting to find out how he will be reimbursed for that new position.  I guess they are forming a package for him.  Luckily, he will be taking 3 days off next week, so we are going out of town for some rest and relaxation.  It will be a low key, mini-vacation at my parent’s house in Mendocino.  I love that place.

It is raining today.  I need to find a project to do with Sierra.  She is so bored.

I am past the heel of the sock I am making.  I worked on that last night.  I need to finish the baby blanket and my dad’s sweater.  Don’t you think I should finish the sweater before I go visit them this weekend?  That only leaves me a few days to do the sleeves…better get on that.

Wow, what a rambly post…


One comment

  1. Sounds like you’ve just had lots on your mind.

    Have a terrific time at the farm and at your mother’s too. I know it’s tough traveling with the kids, but try to relax.

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