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Growing Fast!

April 30, 2007

My garden is growing really fast!  Last Thursday, I posted these pics.  Well, here are some new ones from today, only 4 days later:

Carrots (They finally have little tops on them):

Zucchini:  (Who thinks my zucchini will take over the garden by the end of the summer?  I DO!)

Tomato:  (The wilty one in the front, doesn’t look as bad as it did last week.  They are getting flowers, which means fruit soon, right?)

Corn:  (Not that many corn came up.  I am thinking about planting where I think corn should be so I have full rows.)

Sunflowers:  (I swear they grow an inch or two a day!  Even the one that got eaten by a snail is still growing.  These are very resilient!)

Lavender: (When will this bloom?)

Thanks for letting me share my small garden with you.  Tonight I will upload some knitting photos.


Freak’n gauge!

April 28, 2007

I swear sometimes trying to get the right gauge is so frustrating. Last May, I bought some yarn to make the Boobalicious tank in the Big Girl Knits book. The yarn it calls for is Dale Svale. The pattern says it is 22 st on size 5 needles.

I am trying to substitute with Elann Sonata (which on the ball band says it is 22 st on size 6.) I knit it on size 5’s and can only get 20 st. With the front and the back, this would be an 8 inch difference. Also, the Sonata seems to stretch really wide, so the thing just looks HUGE! I honestly, don’t think I like this yarn for this project.  It feels sort of wire like and is rough.

I have some Debbie Bliss Cathay, but I don’t have enough for my size. I would need at least 3 more balls. I guess I will have to check out ebay…when I have some extra $$ (not this month.)


How do you wash your Socks?

April 28, 2007

This would be a silly question for most people. However, for those who knit and crochet socks, this question may have popped in your head from time to time.

Do you sort your socks so those that are superwash wool are separated from those that are not?

Do you wash them all together in the sink with wool wash or do you wash them separately? Do you wash hot, but not hot enough to felt? Warm? Tepid? Cool? Cold? Soap? Shampoo? Conditioner? (just curious here…) Wool Wash…Laundry detergent?

Do you (GASP) wash them in the washing machine?

Dare I ask how you dry them? Do you roll them in a towel? Spin them in the washer? Hang them?

So, tell me how you wash (and dry them.) Then, tell me any sock nightmares you have had, like accidental felting or sock bleeding or anything you would like to share.

I put them all in the sink in a warm wash with a little bit of wool wash, a little bit of baby shampoo (only because I have these little sample bottles from when the kids were babies that I didn’t use) and a little bit of lavender oil (because I love the smell.) I soak them for 30 minutes and then rinse them. I roll them in towels and then lay them flat on the backs of all of my chairs around the living room.

A couple of Madeleine’s socks have actually gone through the washer and dryer and came out perfectly fine. Those were the socks I made with leftover Trekking. Crazy, I know.

My mom washed her socks in her washer (front loader) on cold. The ones that were not superwash felted. The ones that were super wash remained fine.


Grow Garden, Grow!

April 26, 2007

Here is half of my garden. The lavender is on the far right (it isn’t blooming yet…it is just coming back from the winter,) then two tomato plants (one is wilting and I think might be diseased,) two bell pepper plants (green and red,) zucchini, and the very small row to the left of the zucchini are carrots.
I also have corn and sunflowers. I didn’t take a good picture, had to crop it, because of the glare. I will try to get a better one when the corner is taller. Not many came up, about 8. The sunflower row in the back look really good, though.
For my sister, here is the plant that you gave me last summer. It went through the heatwave, died and came back. It went through the freeze, died and came back.

Here is the aloe plant my sister gave me, it is no longer a baby. To the left of it is another lavender plant.

Funny story about this planter box is last summer I could not get anything to grow in it. I finally planted some type of desert flower that lasted all summer, but died in the winter and didn’t come back.

So this year, I bought another lavender plant. As I was digging in the dirt, I realized there was a buried sprinkler. Do’h. It is no wonder last year I couldn’t get any flowers to grow, the sprinkler was buried and it was turned off. Now that it is uncovered and is working, I think I might actually have a fighting chance of keeping my flowers alive this summer.

Here is a picture of one of my gardenia plants. It is almost about to bloom. I have done a google search to see why it turns yellow, but that happened last year and it survived. I wonder if it is just the way this plant is. Last summer Sierra got excited about seeing the buds on the plant and she picked all of them off and then presented them to me in a container.
My heart sunk a little bit…she meant well, but didn’t understand that those buds were going to be flowers soon. This year she knows and we are both excited about it blooming soon. I love the smell of gardenias!

Gardening is a way for me to spend more quality time with the kids. Sierra learned that it take a lot of work to prepare the ground to be planted. There will need to be a lot of upkeep with that too, as I can see some of the crabgrass is trying to come back, sigh. I pulled most of it out by hand (and back,) but I couldn’t get all of the roots. She also learned that it takes time and patience and lots of water for the seeds to sprout. She has learned that not all of the seeds germinate and even ones that do sprout into little plants can be eaten over night by a snail or cat.

We have both learned that zucchini plants multiply. If you plant one, you are really planting two. Don’t ask me how this works, it just does.

I look forward to seeing Sierra’s reaction when the plants start growing bigger and produce the fruits/veggies.

It isn’t a big garden, but not bad for the space that we have. I really want to buy a house so that I can have a larger garden space. Gardening is one of those exercises that when you are done for the day you know you had a workout, but the work doesn’t seem like work and is extremely gratifying.


Where is the pattern?

April 26, 2007

This is alternating rows of 1×1 ribbing and 3×3 ribbing…can’t you tell?

While the yarn is pretty, this pattern is completely lost in this yarn.  It will be frogged tomorrow.  Some patterns just don’t work for some yarn…


Another cut…

April 26, 2007

Apparently, cutting her sister’s hair out of jealousy only led to more jealousy.  The baby sister with all of the curls was now the baby sister with the cute short hair cut and the story of “where did all the curls go?”

To create her own story, Sierra cut her own hair, which Tony took her to Supercuts yesterday before school to get evened up.  It was picture day yesterday, too.

We talked a lot about how hair dressers go to school to cut hair, so hopefully this will be the last of the hair cutting for awhile.   She likes it, and the best part is that she says she looks like her cousin and that makes her happy.

Some people have said to me that I need to put the scissors up in the house.  They are put up.  I don’t have them locked in a safe, but they are put away.  This is a lesson that if an almost 6 year old wants something, she will get it.

I have seen her cut her hair with toenail clippers.

I know that my method of parenting is different then other people’s.  I want Sierra to learn that she has to live with her actions.  I want her to learn that some actions you can’t take back.  I want her to be self reliant and responsible.

One of the reasons why I haven’t had many playgroups at my house lately is my feeling that my house is no longer baby safe.  How did that happen?

For example, if you have one child and it is a baby, you can lock the doors and know that the baby isn’t going to crawl outside.  However, if you have a 6 year old who can unlock the doors and even use the child safety door knob (which we don’t have) the outside is now suddenly accessible.

Another example…and this happened two days ago…

Someone gives your older daughter a beaded bracelet at a birthday party.  The beads are big, but still a hazard to a baby.  Madeleine is almost 3, so you think that you are “safe”  and you don’t think twice about Sierra having the bracelet.  The bracelet breaks.  Beads end up on the floor and Sierra cleans up all the beads, except for that one, that nobody sees… except for Madeleine.  Madeleine picks it up and knows not to eat it.

However, she decides that it looks like an earring and shoves the bead into her ear.  My cousin extracted the bead, so we didn’t have to take Madeleine to the ER.  I will easily admit that I was about 2 seconds away from driving there.  It just goes to show you how easily an older child can un-baby proof your house and why sometimes I am feeling more and more uneasy about having other people’s kids over.

I started to write about parenting and how it changes from when you are parenting a baby or toddler to parenting an actual child.  I know that sounds silly, but as Sierra is transitioning into a kid so is my parenting.  I am learning that some of my methods aren’t working like they use to.  I am learning that training a dog is way easier than training a child, ha ha.  I am learning that kids can start developing these traits that if you don’t stop the behavior while they are this age that it could continue when they are older and get them into trouble.  Also, it isn’t easy to change a kid’s behavior.

What translates on book and online is so different when it is your own child.

I am getting the idea that if Sierra is busy in positive activities all of the time, then she won’t have time to be sneaky and do things she shouldn’t be doing.  I look forward to when she goes to school full time in the fall.


Prosperous Plum, Finished

April 21, 2007

For a close up of this picture, click here.

Pattern:  Prosperous Plum Tank

Needles:  Size 5 and then 7 (but wasn’t getting gauge, so switched to size 6 to get gauge.)

Yarn:  LB Cotton-ease – Violet

I loved working with this yarn.  I loved working with this pattern.  Really, this was an really fun and nice project.

I didn’t have any problems with the pattern, except for my own clumsiness…which Andrea pointed that that I couldn’t blame you, because I never posted a picture of the finished straps…so…how would you know I was off?

I got the crab stitch done.  It looks awesome.  My left thumb is happy I am not working on that anymore.