Light N Lively Tank…

April 7, 2007

I started the Light N Lively Tank. I have come across a bit of a problem….

On the bodice, I finish row 6 and I have 30 shells. I am working the smallest size.

On row 7 it says

“inc 6 shells by working a shell in 6 sps between shells”

I interpreted this as increasing in every 6th space.  Well..the math would show that I would only end up with 35 shells…which apparently I had to get to the 10th row to see that I was really, really off.

Okay, I wasn’t paying attention, I was watching tv with Tony trying to forget about negative raises and other ridiculously painful things…

I emailed them and let them know there was a problem and they sent me an email back, see below:Edited to ADD:

Apparently I cannot read. I was reading the pattern as increase in the 6th space. Apparently this is what it is saying:

“The pattern doesn’t say to increase every 6th space but rather to inc 6 shells by working a shell in 6 sps between shells. So it’s a total of 6 increases, not every 6th space.”

Read the pattern…

So…it is basically the type of pattern where you do the math at the end…honestly…

Edited to Add…one more time:

I will clarify the Row 7 for those as dense as I am that need things a bit more spelled out for them.

Each increase Row will be a total of 6 increases spaced evenly:

Row 7, increase in every 5th space

Row 10, increase every 6th.

Row 13, increase every 7th.

Row 16, increase every 8th…etc in this manner.  The rows in between the increase rows work even…until you get the correct number of shells in the 25th row.



  1. I must say, I am shocked that Lion had an error on their pattern with no corrections-just shocked :}

  2. That’s a great top – hope you don’t find any more errors.

  3. […] Well, I had a bit of a problem with the wording on how to do the bodice.  You can find all of that here.  In addition, mine has a pretty visible hole in the front of it, whereas I don’t see that in […]

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