Curls are gone

April 10, 2007

We are all in shock.  Tonight the girls were playing upstairs in their room.  I usually let them do this a bit before bed.  Then, they clean it, put pj’s on and go to bed.  Tonight, Sierra got scissors and cut off all of Madeleine’s curls.

I cried.  Sierra cried.  Madeleine didn’t really understand what happened, but when she did, she cried.  Tony wanted to cry.  He is very mad.  He can’t understand why Sierra would do this to her sister.  He only ever remembers being a good kid, one that didn’t cause trouble, sneak or steal things.  Daily, Sierra has been sneaky and getting into trouble.

Sierra told me she did it because she is jealous.  She wanted Madeleine’s curls.  Unfortunately, I knew that this was only a matter of time.  Madeleine gets compliments on her hair daily.

The scissors were put away, but an (almost) 6 year old can stand on chairs and sneak and get up where she shouldn’t…

Tomorrow I will be taking Madeleine to my hair dresser to see if she can fix it…which I am not really sure what that means, since there are spots that are almost down to the scalp.

I am sad for Madeleine, she wants her curls back.

I am also sad because I have been wondering if Madeleine will always have curly hair.  I don’t know how her hair will grow back in.

I guess this is one of these things that we are all upset about now, but years from now we will look back on as a memory.  The day Sierra cut off all of Madeleine’s hair will be burned in all of our memory banks.


  1. Oh no!! This is one of my very least favorite parts of sisterhood. I must confess I was the cutter when I was a child. As far as I know it was only once though. It may just be hair but it’s so much more than that too. I feel for you all. 🙂 (((hugs)))

  2. OH NO!! I remember one day when Joe was just a little bit too quiet. I went in to his room to find he had cut a swath of hair completely off from his brow straight back, like a reverse mohawk. I tried to even it up, but it took the hairdresser to get it right.

  3. I know it’s a shock, and really upsetting for all of you, but if her hair is anything like mine it’ll grow back thicker and curlier than ever…I wish my photos weren’t packed already so I could show you.

  4. How awful! I hope the hairdresser can help. My daughter has curly hair and she wishes for my straight hair all the time. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

  5. I cut my own hair but never my sisters hair…..I hated my straight hair, but I was not in the least envious of her curls…I had to listen to her cry when my mom would comb them out every day.

    I hope that the hair dresser is able to fix her up, and that they grow back just as curly!

  6. Good luck at the hair dresser! Hopefully she’ll have new head of curls before no time!

  7. OMG! I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. When my daughter was 6 she took the scissors and snipped 6″ of her hair 1 week before school was starting. I had to cut everything off and she went to school with a bob.

  8. Oh dear! {hugs} What a difficult time for everyone. But, her hair will grow back soon enough, that is one good thing. I hope the hair dresser can give her a cute little Audrey Hepburn hair cut.

  9. Oh Man! I remember my sister doing this to one of her pigtails. Right on down to the scalp. Her hair was so fine and pretty, and in a second it was gone. I’m happy to report that yes… you will laugh about this someday. You have two beauties either way. I’m sure your daughter that cut is feeling horrible.

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