Madeleine’s New Do

April 10, 2007



Thanks to my hairdresser, it is cute. It just isn’t as long or curly as it use to be. Madeleine had fun getting her hair cut this morning at the salon. I never did take a picture of Sierra’s version.

The funny thing is with the really short bangs, she reminds me of a picture of my mom when she was that age.

Oh…I came across this picture looking for the picture of my mom…

This is a picture of my sister…I always thought Madeleine looked like her.



  1. Oh how adorable! Even though the circumstances were less than ideal. The end result is cute and Do’able. Remember, it’s hair and it will grow back. :o)

  2. She looks cute no matter which hair style she has-

  3. She looks so sweet. I hope you all are feeling a little better about the whole thing today. 🙂

  4. Oh wow! She does look like your sister–you can reall see it now that more of her face shows. I think little Madeleine looks adorable–and it looks like you won’t have to worry about the curls not coming back in–even when it’s short you can see the curls!

  5. why me!! I can’t believe you have that picture!

  6. The new cut turned out cute! And as everyone has said, it will grow back!

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