Prosperous Plum…and…pics…

April 17, 2007

First, I am madly knitting the Prosperous Plum tank.  It is knitted in cotton-ease in violet.  I am knitting a small as it will be the sample that I will be teaching in my classes.  It has a provisional cast on, picot hem, lace and cable knitting, shaping…basically lots of things I can teach on.  I rarely actually get to teach the projects that I plan out, so hopefully this will be one of those times as this is really one of the funnest projects I have done in a long, long time.

Seriously, the chart is really interesting.  It is easy to remember and is really working up fast.  Of course, I am knitting the small (rarely get to do that) but it is still a fun knit.

I casted on for this on Saturday.  As of tonight, this is where I am at.



There is this cool asymmetrical-ness, yet oddly symmetrical that this top has.

I need to be finished with it before Saturday and at my current pace I think that is possible.

I started out using size 5 needles for the picot hem, then switched to size 7.  However, as I got a few inches up, I realized my gauge was off and so I dropped down to a size 6 and am getting the 19 st/4 inch gauge.  It actually worked out good doing it this way since the hip part is a little bit wider than when it decreases into the waist, so the change in gauge isn’t noticeable in a bad way.

Once I get my class knitting out of the way, I hopefully will have more knit/crochet time for myself again for the next few months.  I love my classes, but the prep for them is very time consuming.

I did do a little bit more knitting on my sock (not shown.)  I am almost at the toe decreases.

Here is a picture of my dad’s sweater:

Sorry dad…it is hard to wear this way, I know.  I don’t have the back to block this as I would have to pin it to my floor.  I am sort of waiting for Tony to help me.  I swear I will finish this soon…luckily it is still cold and rainy where you live even in the summer.

Speaking of rain.  This was Saturday:

And lastly, as if there are not enough pictures on this post, a picture Sierra drew.  Her teacher suggested in a report card that Sierra needed to color better within the lines.  Seriously…something is wrong with her teacher.  Isn’t coloring outside of the lines better?

She has Tony’s artistic ability.  I NEVER colored like this in kindergarten.



  1. The tank looks terrific and the sweater for your dad will be done soon (right?). As for coloring, Elena hates it now-it’s boring and she can’t believe they actually do it in school-but her teacher(s) have never, ever been nit picky about it like Sierra’s-sheesh

  2. I’ve always loved that tank – I’m glad to see someone actually making it!

    And Sierra’s picture is lovely – I’m sure the few times she strayed outside the lines was only for artistic impact! (It’s a HUGE thing in Kinder about coloring inside the lines. Honestly – so many teachers get really anal about it. Something about proper child development.) I think my biggest artistic accomplishment in Kinder was a bluebird on a nest for a Mother’s Day card! LOL

  3. Sierra’s teacher is nuts. Thats a great picture!!!

  4. I wish I could be in your class, that tank is great. I would love to be able to make it.

    Sierra’s picture is great I love the ponytails and the teeth and that the clothes are so cute, lol.

    Em’s teacher is very nit picky about handwriting and always encouraging me to encourage Em to be neater. I like her teacher a lot but this is one thing I think she is focusing too hard on.

  5. I love the tank and Sierra’s picture! Children should be encouraged in art, otherwise they’ll get the mistaken impression that they “can’t do it”. By focussing only on colouring within the lines, she’s missing the great colour sense, layout, proportions, and other things!

  6. I think Sierra’s picture is fabulous and shows great talent! I get notes home from Maddie’s pre-K with “Too Messy” and “Not Acceptable” comments on them all the time. In my opinion, her handwriting is in a steady state of improvement and tell her such. It might be bad that I’m teaching her to ignore rude teacher comments, but that’s what they are when on a 4 year old’s paperwork – rude!

  7. I love the tank with those great cables. It looks like spring with all of these tanks springing up on different blogs.
    Sierra’s picture is great, and she does display a lot of artistic ability. I hope her school offers some good art classes later on that allows her to explore that ability.

  8. Sierra’s picture is awesome! She obviously put a lot of thought into it.
    The tank looks really nice and you still have me beat on the sweater (I am just now finishing up the arms two years later lol).

  9. That tank is awesome.

    I agree with everyone’s comments about Sierra’s picture and her natural abitlity.
    Are kinder teachers really that nuts about such little things? What about their social skills, listening, following directions, all the things they should be learning in kinder. Makes me worry about Caleb’s first year at school and my ability not to keep my mouth shut.

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