Another one done…

April 19, 2007

I finished the knitted top. I need to put a crocheted edging around the top. The pattern calls for crab stitch, I believe, but I hate doing crab stitch, especially with cotton yarn. Am I the only one?

I will post a picture tomorrow once I figure out what I am going to do with the edging and after I block it a bit.

I am happy to be done with all of the knitting, grafting, and weaving ends. I am extremely happy about it and think I can adjust the pattern to fit my size. Too bad I didn’t wear a size small, could you imagine how quickly I could whip out projects for myself? That top only took me 5 days.

Oh, on the spinning note…I almost have something to show you.  I have spun two spindles full of fiber and am now plying it, which is taking a long time.  It is almost sock yarn, with some thick areas here and there.   I wasn’t really planning on what I was doing, just been experimenting with my spinning wheel.

There is some other stuff I really want to write about, but have decided to keep it to myself. It is the same old stuff about me, anyways….



  1. I can’t wait to see pics of the fiber and the tank.

    Hugs to ya and what ya didn’t talk about;)

  2. Wow! You were fast! Can’t wait to see the completed top. 🙂

    Ditto what Deneen said about the non-talked-about-stuff. 😉

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