Grow Garden, Grow!

April 26, 2007

Here is half of my garden. The lavender is on the far right (it isn’t blooming yet…it is just coming back from the winter,) then two tomato plants (one is wilting and I think might be diseased,) two bell pepper plants (green and red,) zucchini, and the very small row to the left of the zucchini are carrots.
I also have corn and sunflowers. I didn’t take a good picture, had to crop it, because of the glare. I will try to get a better one when the corner is taller. Not many came up, about 8. The sunflower row in the back look really good, though.
For my sister, here is the plant that you gave me last summer. It went through the heatwave, died and came back. It went through the freeze, died and came back.

Here is the aloe plant my sister gave me, it is no longer a baby. To the left of it is another lavender plant.

Funny story about this planter box is last summer I could not get anything to grow in it. I finally planted some type of desert flower that lasted all summer, but died in the winter and didn’t come back.

So this year, I bought another lavender plant. As I was digging in the dirt, I realized there was a buried sprinkler. Do’h. It is no wonder last year I couldn’t get any flowers to grow, the sprinkler was buried and it was turned off. Now that it is uncovered and is working, I think I might actually have a fighting chance of keeping my flowers alive this summer.

Here is a picture of one of my gardenia plants. It is almost about to bloom. I have done a google search to see why it turns yellow, but that happened last year and it survived. I wonder if it is just the way this plant is. Last summer Sierra got excited about seeing the buds on the plant and she picked all of them off and then presented them to me in a container.
My heart sunk a little bit…she meant well, but didn’t understand that those buds were going to be flowers soon. This year she knows and we are both excited about it blooming soon. I love the smell of gardenias!

Gardening is a way for me to spend more quality time with the kids. Sierra learned that it take a lot of work to prepare the ground to be planted. There will need to be a lot of upkeep with that too, as I can see some of the crabgrass is trying to come back, sigh. I pulled most of it out by hand (and back,) but I couldn’t get all of the roots. She also learned that it takes time and patience and lots of water for the seeds to sprout. She has learned that not all of the seeds germinate and even ones that do sprout into little plants can be eaten over night by a snail or cat.

We have both learned that zucchini plants multiply. If you plant one, you are really planting two. Don’t ask me how this works, it just does.

I look forward to seeing Sierra’s reaction when the plants start growing bigger and produce the fruits/veggies.

It isn’t a big garden, but not bad for the space that we have. I really want to buy a house so that I can have a larger garden space. Gardening is one of those exercises that when you are done for the day you know you had a workout, but the work doesn’t seem like work and is extremely gratifying.



  1. How cool – I can’t wait to start our own little garden at the new house!

  2. Your garden is beautiful! I can’t wait until I have something in mine to post about. Sharing the love of gardening with a child is just priceless I think!!

  3. WHOOO hoo! The plants I gave you are making it, even the spider plant that you didn’t take a picture of, I love it! 🙂 Your garden is very cool Wendy! It makes me feel like I should plant one too!

  4. Gardenias are acid loving plants (not, not THAT kind…Miracid by Miracle Gro does the trick).

    Tomato plants and pepper plants don’t get along, I never could get decent peppers until last year, when I planted them alone. I think they put out some kind of chemicals in the soil that aren’t good for the other one.

    Your lavender is beautiful. It’s only just getting to be garden thinking time here in NJ (if the rain ever stops). Without room to grow much out front, I have to rely on planters on the deck (not counting something a relative is growing on the roof, lol)

  5. […] April 30th, 2007 in Gardening My garden is growing really fast!  Last Thursday, I posted these pics.  Well, here are some new ones from today, only 4 days […]

  6. Don’t zucchini need lots more space than that?

    About the yellow leaves, check the pH of the soil, vs what the plant likes.

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