Freak’n gauge!

April 28, 2007

I swear sometimes trying to get the right gauge is so frustrating. Last May, I bought some yarn to make the Boobalicious tank in the Big Girl Knits book. The yarn it calls for is Dale Svale. The pattern says it is 22 st on size 5 needles.

I am trying to substitute with Elann Sonata (which on the ball band says it is 22 st on size 6.) I knit it on size 5’s and can only get 20 st. With the front and the back, this would be an 8 inch difference. Also, the Sonata seems to stretch really wide, so the thing just looks HUGE! I honestly, don’t think I like this yarn for this project.  It feels sort of wire like and is rough.

I have some Debbie Bliss Cathay, but I don’t have enough for my size. I would need at least 3 more balls. I guess I will have to check out ebay…when I have some extra $$ (not this month.)


One comment

  1. Hey Wendy – You emailed me about the gauge thing but I’ll answer here since …well…I’m here! ::grin::

    To be honest, I’ve never knit with Sonata so I haven’t a clue what gauge I would get. It IS rough but it will soften on washing. It DOES stretch out with crochet but I think it would less with knitting, however you’re smart to keep that in mind.

    I just got in my Sonata order for the knit shawl on the Elann site. If I wasn’t in the midst of moving, I’d cast on & see what numbers I get. Part of the reason I think you’re not getting gauge is that the yarn IS so hard and it’s difficult to pull the stitches tight enough.

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