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We got Zucchini!!

May 26, 2007

From the garden…. Sierra and Tony picked two more zucchini today. One was huge! The funny thing is these weren’t really there the other day. Zucchini grow fast! This might get old showing pics, but I can’t help it. We are happy about our garden!

Ignore my cluttered shelves, I do…

On knitting news…I started the back of Boobalicious but then realized I made a mistake. I was suppose to work seed stitch on the first 10 rows. I wasn’t doing that, only in the middle section. So I need to restart….sigh. It isn’t much lost as I was only about 8 rows up. I just hate casting on 170 stitches. Maybe I can rip without having to recast?

I do have a sock I can work on and need to get focused on my Sockapalooza socks. I need to decide on the yarn and then start on it. I have been sort of indecisive as my partner didn’t really tell me a favorite color or what she wants. So I will just make what I like and hope she likes it too. She did say she didn’t want bright pink. So, the Cascade cotton fixation is out.

I need to reorganize my works in progress, my stash, and my desk. It is becoming an unorganized mess. I know I have a lot in progress and not worried about them because this is my style and it makes me happy. The ones I like the most will get finished first.

Crochet…I am thinking of working on some more grannies over the holiday weekend too.

Madeleine…is potty training (learning) herself. I am so proud of her. I struggled for almost a year to potty train Sierra and in the end she did it herself at 3 1/2. With Madeleine I didn’t push and it is much easier for both of us. Madeleine is very independent.

She is brushing her hair with two brushes, ha ha. Don’t try to take those away from her.

It is summer here (90’s today) and the kids played in the pool today. They came in the house with teeth chattering.


Fruits of our labor

May 24, 2007

On the way home from school I told Sierra how we had some big zucchini in the garden.  When she went outside to look at it, she became overwhelmed and picked one!  It is our first vegetable of the year.  In fact, for Sierra, it is her first home grown vegetable.  It isn’t very big and hasn’t been on the plant for very long, so I hope it still tastes good.  It is about 8 inches long.

Here is a picture of my garden from my back door.  You can see my fallen (and lack of) sunflowers.  My bell peppers are about to get peppers on them.  I am excited about that.  It was 93 degrees out there so I just didn’t feel like taking any closeup pictures.


Baby Hats

May 24, 2007

My cousin will be having her baby in a few days…yep, a boy.  I thought a pile of hats would be nice.  I am not done with the blanket I was working on.

The top one is a ribbed hat, I just winged it.  I cast on 48 st on size 8 needles w/ cotton-ease.  It is really stretchy and light.

The one on the right, I also winged.  I cast on 92 st with Rowan Calmer on size 5 needles.  At the top, I did two decreases to get to  90 and then did your normal hat decreasing (K8, K2tog….k7, k2tog…k6, k2tog…etc.)

The one on the left is from this pattern, thought I casted on 8 stitches to get an 8 point star, instead of 7.  It is also with the Rowan Calmer, which I am thinking is a lot like cotton-ease, but a bit stretchier, softer, and slightly thinner.


Been Plied

May 21, 2007

I finally plied all of the yarn I have been spinning over the past month or longer.  I swear it took me longer to ply it then it did to spin it.  I love the yarn I spun.  It isn’t very bulk, in fact.  I would say it is closer to being a sportwight or a light medium weight yarn.  I have to be honest in that this isn’t all of the 8 ozs of roving I had in that colorway.  I still have a very tiny bit I need to finish spinning.  However, this filled up two bobbins and essentially filled up my plying bobbin.

Sadly, I cannot show you my garden, because a gopher has been going down the row eating my sunflowers.  It is so sad.   I think I have two left, but tomorrow that number might be smaller.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Sierra!  She had a great birthday.


It’s good to be 6!

May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sierra!


Boobalicious front

May 16, 2007

(black is hard to photograph)

Here is the front. I almost have the right “sleeve” done.

Here is the “Shocker.” I will finish the front with using only 4 1/2 balls of yarn. The pattern calls for 13 balls of yarn. My front is right on gauge and is measuring what it is suppose to measure.

How in the world will I use all 13 balls of yarn? Please don’t tell me the back will use 8 1/2 balls of yarn.

So, I tried to google and flickr and all other methods of researching who has made this to and have really come out blank. (Hello…I need ravelry!) I am trying to be so patient about waiting for the invite, but am feeling very low on the totem pole of knit blog popularity.

I am even on the Big Girls Knits List and can’t find a finished top. I did finally find one person who knit it, and it was the wrong size. So she frogged it and knit it again and then it fit wrong and so she felted hers into a purse. Hopefully that won’t happen to me (especially since Cathay will not felt.)

How is it this book has been out for over a year and no one has made this top? Lots of people want to make it. Lots of people have casted on this top.


My Garden & Shedir

May 15, 2007

Here are the pics!

***Edited to Add…Do you see the first sunflower in the row?  The one on the very far left?  This morning when I went out to the garden, it had fallen over and all of the leaves were limp and sad.  I lightly lifted it out of the soil, only to find half of its roots were eaten.  The culprit?  A Gopher.   Sierra warned me there was a hole in the yard and after a few minutes it was buried.  I suspected it was a gopher, but I didn’t think he could get into my garden.

Sunflowers and corn (and weeds…just ignore those, I do.)

Zucchini (what you can’t see the carrots and bell peppers? They are under the canopy of the zucchini. The bell pepper will be moved soon. Today if I feel up to it.)

Do you see the baby zucchini? Here is a closeup.

My tomatoes are doing great! The one that was wilting has bounced back and has overcome whatever problems it was having. My remedy? Water and sunshine. I even have a baby tomato. I put the cage around them too late, so I couldn’t get it over the large one. I got it over half of it.

Finally, Shedir. I made this hat for a friend. I love the yarn. Like I said before, it was one of the most difficult knits for me, but that is because of my concentration issues. I enjoyed knitting it.

I am considering making a baby Shedir for my cousin’s baby. I was crocheting a blanket, but thanks to Madeleine it is now a ball of mess. (I love that Madeleine loves yarn, but am thinking she just needs to get her own.)

Also, Shedir has given me an idea for a new hat design. It will make me crazy doing it, but I have this inner desire…so I guess I will be going to the crazy house soon and will have a hat to show for it.

The tank I am making myself is going great! I should take an in-progress picture. I am almost up to the bust on the front side. I will give it a proper post tonight or tomorrow.