Granny SWS

May 1, 2007

First, I need to say…I love Patons SWS!  I just love it!  I love the stripes, I love how soft it is!  It is a happy yarn.

This Sunday I attempted to organize a knitting/crochet group for this area.  I advertised at Knitter’sReview, Knittyboard.com, Crochetville, I left my email/blog address at meetup.com and then on several of the Yahoo lists I am on.  I also did a google search for knit blogs in my area and spammed a few people.  After my efforts, I was able to meetup with one person, Annie Elf.  She is a new crocheter.

I had a fun time with her.  She is doing some really nice granny squares.  I think the yarn she was using was Lang Mille Colori.  The yarn is gorgeous and I love how the grannies were looking.  I mentioned to her the yarn looked similar to Patons SWS.

Tonight, I remembered I had some small leftover balls of the SWS in various colors.

So, here are a few grannies in the Natural Pink colorway.

These Grannies were fun!

This weekend, I finally finished one sock.  I quickly casted on the second sock.  It is my way of making sure a mate gets made.

On Friday I had to do a class demo.  I worked on an Entrelac scarf in Patons SWS Natural Earth.

People were interested in learning this technique, so I am going to add that to my class schedule for this summer.   Every time I knit or crochet or display something in Patons SWS it draws attention.  Did I mention I loved Patons SWS?



  1. omg I love that sock!

  2. I love the Patons SWS too.

  3. ooo, sws looks awesome in entrelac!

  4. Everything looks gorgeous!

    I started work on a sock last night, but had a girl and a kitten jump in my lap at the same time and I lost a few stitches (only on the 2nd row) so I’ll start over again tonight. Do you find it easier to work with bamboo/wood than with aluminum dpns? I’m using a cotton/nylon (too hot down here for wool!!) and so far I’m not having any slippage problems, but I”m worried about losing stitches again.

  5. It sure was fun on Sunday. I’m inspired. Looking forward to the next meet up and with a completed project too.

  6. I love how the Patons SWS is working up in the granny square. You get color changes without having to change colors! I really hate to change colors.
    The sock is so cool and the scarf is going to be gorgeous. Patons should pay you to advertise their stuff.

  7. i always admire the patons SWS i haven’t tried it yet. but now i’m going to have to try it!

  8. Cool sock and grannies and oh how I love the entrelac, especially in the SWS-beautiful colors!

  9. pretty!

  10. I love your entrelac scarf in sws! I’m a beginner, trying to make an afghan for my sister-in-law, who chose SWS natural pink when I took her to Joanne’s to choose the yarn for the project. Is there any way that pattern would work up as an afghan? I’ve started the project by knitting 8-inch by 8-inch squares in seed stitch, thinking I’d piece them together at the end, sort of like a knitted quilt. But they’re not exactly the same size, and I’m not crazy about how the first 10 look, laid out on the floor. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If the entrelac won’t work, I’m thinking of unraveling them and doing as granny squares, because yours look fantastic!

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