What little girls are made of?

May 4, 2007

“Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails…”  You have heard of the saying, that is what little boys are made of.

Apparently, my girls didn’t get the memo.  They are creating a snail habitat.

It was their idea to create the snail area.  However, it was my idea that they needed to look for snails and what is a better way then to pull weeds?  They only bad thing is that Sierra tried to pull a Stinging Nettle.

When I was a kid, we had these in patches all over the yard.  If you touch them, they sting and hurt for hours.  I was actually surprised to see it in the yard.



  1. There’s frequently burdock growing near stinging nettles, and if you rub one of it’s leaves on the affected site it takes away the sting. Someone taught me that while I was at a workshop in Germany.

  2. We had lots of stinging netles in one area of our yard last year. One of my herbie friends asked if anyone in our family had respiratory issues…she said that helpful herbs will sometimes show up even when you are not aware that you need them. Issues or not… I was not about to pull cook and eat/drink these buggars! Hurt enough to touch them, let alone ingest them! LOL So I just put on leather gloves and ripped em up. Good luck!

  3. When we were kids (visiting family in Germany), my brother’s and I scrambled up a bank through a patch of stinging nettles (without having a clue what they were). Opa thought it was hilarious and brought a nettle to us. We all cringed and he laughed. Apparently, if you hold them below the leaves, they won’t sting you. Good tip about the burdock!

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