Dad’s Sweater

May 6, 2007

I finished it on Saturday night. 🙂

I substituted yarns.  I used Patons Classic Merino in Gray, instead of The Tahki Donegal Tweed the pattern suggested.  I also left off the patches.  My dad wanted a sweater that had a collar to cover his neck.  He lives by the ocean where ocean breezes can give you a chill.  Hopefully he won’t mind me putting his picture on my blog.

Pattern:  Patch Man designed by Ann Budd for Knit Scene Magazine, Spring 2007.

Yarn:  Patons Classic Merino in Dark Grey

Needles:  Size 6 and 8 (to get gauge)

My only real pattern tweak (besides yarn substitution) was that I knitted longer on the collar than suggested.  When I first tried to sew it down it puckered in the corners.  I could have blocked it, but really didn’t have the time to block just the collar.  So I decided to just knit about an inch or so longer and it sewed down perfect.

He loves it and I love it.  I am very happy how it turned out!

If I could have changed one thing on it, I might have made it longer.



  1. Gorgeous! (one can use the term for a man’s sweater, I hope!)

  2. It fits him perfectly! How great that he loves it too!

  3. Looks great!

  4. Very nice!!

  5. Gorgeous! I think the length looks just right, actually. And the collar looks fantastic as well. Good job!

  6. Awesome! I’m still trying to finish Kevin’s sweater!

  7. […] a different neck as I am not sure my dad will like turtle neck.  I really like the neckline of the last sweater I made him.   I have had other family members beg me to make them things.   However, my dad is […]

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