Sierra’s Favorites

May 8, 2007

Sierra has been having a great time checking out books at her school library.  While she can’t quite read the ones she checks out, she loves the stories and memorizes them quite quickly.  I am realizing there is a trend with some of the books she loves.  She really loves Dr. Seuss.  She has a collection in her room.   She can read a lot of those books.

She also has been loving the Robert Munsch stories.  Purple, Green, and Yellow was one of the first books we read together.   The story really reminded me of Sierra.  She loves to draw and always promises to keep it on the paper, but you know how that goes.  Recently, we read Something Good.  It is really funny.  I got Tony to read it also and it was fun to see how we read books differently.  Sierra thought the father in the book was just like her dad.

I am going to look into starting a mini library of these books from Munsch.  I love the types of books that get the whole family reading, laughing, and spending time together.  I highly suggest these books for those who have pre-K to 1st grade kids in the house.



  1. We love Purple, Green and Yellow here too!

  2. I love Munsch books!

  3. Thanks for the tip – I’ve passed it on to my sister (her son is starting 1st and her daughter starting Pre-School come the fall)

  4. Munsch has always been a favorite of mine. That age group really love silly books with a lot of rhythm and rhyme. We used Scholastic Book Clubs to order many of our children’s books that we used in our classrooms. They offer mostly paperbacks, but they often have sets of hardbacks available. It’s a great way to built a child’s library for less money.

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