Been Plied

May 21, 2007

I finally plied all of the yarn I have been spinning over the past month or longer.  I swear it took me longer to ply it then it did to spin it.  I love the yarn I spun.  It isn’t very bulk, in fact.  I would say it is closer to being a sportwight or a light medium weight yarn.  I have to be honest in that this isn’t all of the 8 ozs of roving I had in that colorway.  I still have a very tiny bit I need to finish spinning.  However, this filled up two bobbins and essentially filled up my plying bobbin.

Sadly, I cannot show you my garden, because a gopher has been going down the row eating my sunflowers.  It is so sad.   I think I have two left, but tomorrow that number might be smaller.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Sierra!  She had a great birthday.



  1. Very nice Wendy.

  2. Beautiful yarn! I love the colors.

  3. Gorgeous yarn!

  4. Wow spinning your own yarn. You are definitely a crafter. Love your free patterns and the Skullcap is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I love the touches of purple in with all the other colors! Great lookin yarn you got there 😀

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