We got Zucchini!!

May 26, 2007

From the garden…. Sierra and Tony picked two more zucchini today. One was huge! The funny thing is these weren’t really there the other day. Zucchini grow fast! This might get old showing pics, but I can’t help it. We are happy about our garden!

Ignore my cluttered shelves, I do…

On knitting news…I started the back of Boobalicious but then realized I made a mistake. I was suppose to work seed stitch on the first 10 rows. I wasn’t doing that, only in the middle section. So I need to restart….sigh. It isn’t much lost as I was only about 8 rows up. I just hate casting on 170 stitches. Maybe I can rip without having to recast?

I do have a sock I can work on and need to get focused on my Sockapalooza socks. I need to decide on the yarn and then start on it. I have been sort of indecisive as my partner didn’t really tell me a favorite color or what she wants. So I will just make what I like and hope she likes it too. She did say she didn’t want bright pink. So, the Cascade cotton fixation is out.

I need to reorganize my works in progress, my stash, and my desk. It is becoming an unorganized mess. I know I have a lot in progress and not worried about them because this is my style and it makes me happy. The ones I like the most will get finished first.

Crochet…I am thinking of working on some more grannies over the holiday weekend too.

Madeleine…is potty training (learning) herself. I am so proud of her. I struggled for almost a year to potty train Sierra and in the end she did it herself at 3 1/2. With Madeleine I didn’t push and it is much easier for both of us. Madeleine is very independent.

She is brushing her hair with two brushes, ha ha. Don’t try to take those away from her.

It is summer here (90’s today) and the kids played in the pool today. They came in the house with teeth chattering.



  1. Your children are darling. I took the laid-back potty training route with my daughter, too and found it to be much less stressful for her. The biggest problem is other people who think they know your children better than you do.

    Don’t feel bad at all about blogging about your medical issues! Pain is pain. I wouldn’t just “suffer through.” I would consider a second opinion if this dr. screwed up the diagnosis before.

  2. I’ve had kidney stones, and they were the *worst* pain I have ever experienced. You have every right to bitch about it!

  3. Your girls are utterly adorable! I hope you feel better soon, pain is no fun.

  4. The girls are so cute!
    Your pain has been going on for ever so long. I completely sympathize with you. I know it must be rough to try to care for a family with that constant pain. I hope it gets better soon.

  5. I love the zucchini pix – keep ’em coming! I just planted wee zucchini plants yesterday so I’ll be waiting awhile for my harvest. 🙂

    Vent about your aches & pains all you want – we’re here to listen and give a little tea & sympathy! Sorry you’re feeling bad again – I really wish this would all go away for you…forever!

  6. I also took the laid back route with my first. Not at first though. When I was prgnant with my twins I decided after they were born to try and introduce the potty. Poor baby just turned two. She got so upset she wouldn’t go anywhere noi diapers, no potty. So I just told her, “Mommy doesn’t care you go when you want to go.” Do you know that girl within a month was going all by herself without me having to even ask her if she wanted to go or not. The only problem is going out. I have my twins lockd down in the shopping cart full of stuff and then she says she has to go. She is 3 and I just can’t let her go alone, by alone I mean me standing outside the door yelling…YOU OK?
    People just LUV me.

  7. Looks like zuchinni bread can’t be far behind!

  8. The zucchini look great! I sure hope that you are feeling better soon – and definitely find another doctor!!

  9. I hope your kidney feels better. I don’t want to freak you out or be pessimistic, but I will say this. My boyfriend had surgery to remove large stones about a month ago. While we were there, one of the surgical patients went septic and had to go to ICU. The nurse told us it was a good thing my BF was getting the stones out because if they are too large to pass, they can cause the body to go septic if they’re in there too long. So just don’t delay getting a second opinion, okay? It makes me so nervous! Drinking water will help though. It may cause pain because kidney stone pain comes when the stone is actually moving. That’s why the pain is collicky. I hope you feel better. Adorable kids!

  10. Oh Wendy, so sorry you’ve been in this awful pain! {hugs}
    I’d go with that last option, 😉

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