Great Weekend!

June 4, 2007

I had a great weekend! I got to see some friends, my cousin’s new baby, and got a lot of sun. It is amazing how the sun on your skin makes you feel (even if it isn’t good for you.) I also got a new pair of shoes. I wanted them in the light brown, but they didn’t have my size. I bought the black. Ignore the price…I pay a lot of money for shoes that help my back. I think they are worth it.


Because I feel I can never have too many projects. I started another one:


RPM socks for my sockapalooza swap partner. I knitting with size 2 needles. I love the pattern. I wish my needle didn’t have a splinter in the middle of it where the Brittney name is stamped. I am constantly wondering if these are going to be too big…



  1. Thank goodness the stone passed!

  2. I LOVE those shoes! They are so cute! I am glad to hear the stone passed and you are feeling a bit better. That square is so pretty, what yarn are you using?

  3. Quality shoes are worth the price… you live with your feet (and back) all your life (hopefully), so you need to take care of them.

    *hugs* I hope those dang stones clear up soon!

  4. I know I asked you this before, but are you sure you didn’t swallow gravel??

    Seriously, I hope the stones pass and stay passed!

    Cute shoes, btw.

  5. Why didn’t Bill Murray think of a cat?

    Doctors can be idiots. Hope you pass the stone soon.

  6. Hope your not as burnt as me!! My back is so red, still…good thing I have a huge aloe plant! I LOVE your new shoes!! I am happy that the gopher is finally dead. I love your square, colors are perfect. Could you crochet me some pot holders? Hey that would make a good class. I don’t understand why you would use a needle with a splinter in it? (I don’t knit, so I don’t know these things). I wish that your Freakin kidney stones would go away forever. Thats it. Oh and I Miss you and love you…now that’s it.

  7. Nice ‘mj’s! hopefully the rest will pass an with some ease for you, {{hugs}}

  8. I love those shoes!!!!

  9. Cute shoes!! I love a good pair of shoes.
    Your crochet square looks really cute too. I’ve seen that being worked on more and more over the net and I must admit I’m really drawn to it. I may just have to give in and make one myself.
    And hooray for the nature of cats!

  10. Those shoes are seriously cool – glad you had such a great weekend!

  11. Glad you had an energizing weekend! Cool shoes too, I love Danskos.
    I’m loving that motif bag – I haven’t seen that one. Hope your health continues to improve!

  12. So happy you had such a lovely weekend!

    Love the newest crochet project – love it! I would love to make that bag but the thought of the all the sewing…groan.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Wendy. Here’s to hoping much, much better days are ahead!

  13. Youch–I hope you’re feeling all better before long!

    I wonder if emery cloth or some super-fine automotive-grade sandpaper (like that 1000 grit stuff you use between coats of paint) might take care of your splinter without roughing up the needle?

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