No Z’s for Me

June 23, 2007

As I read a few blogs this morning I noticed I am not the only one with insomnia last night. I have been sleeping every other night and sometimes I will get a 4 hour nap mid-afternoon. For me it is my side that is bothering me that keeps me from sleeping. I am waiting on the test results, I should know something by Monday.

Knitty Askew Left Front

Since I couldn’t sleep, I knit Askew.   This is the left front.  The pattern suggests size 7 needles.  I had to use size 9 needles to get gauge.  This is such an easy and fast pattern.

The challenge is going to try to get the stripes to match up in the front.  I will do my best, but honestly I don’t care as much, it will only bother everyone else.

The kids went to bed late last night and were crabby and woke up at 6am this morning, again sort of crabby.  Tony has to work today, which makes me want to be crabby, but I am not.  I can already tell he is going to be crabby.

We were invited to a lot of things this weekend, a jewelry part, a friend’s wedding shower in Santa Cruz, my nephew’s birthday party at the lake…and well, we probably will just stay home.



  1. The colours in the yarn are beautiful. Insomnia sucks but a least I don’t have to look after a couple of kidlets. Hope you feel better soon and manage to get some decent sleep.

  2. The yarn does look beautiful. I slept like crap last night too, could it be something with the moon?

  3. I really like how that’s shaping up! Sorry I’m not the only one not sleeping lately. Maybe it’s the moon phase like Deneen suggested.

  4. That’s gorgeous striping from the yarn – love that pattern too, it’s in my ‘someday’ list. I’m SO lucky that I don’t have problems sleeping, so many people do (including my husband); it must be frustrating as hell.

  5. Oooh! It is looking pretty!

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