Askew front

June 25, 2007

I finished knitting the front of Askew. It is knitting up really fast for me. I already have the back on needles and am hoping to have it finished in a day or two. I still have a top from Big Girl Knits on my needles and that is taking me forever, because it is a million more stitches on size 4 needles. I am knitting Askew on size 9’s and I am just breezing through.
Knitty's Askew
I did get the stripes to line up in the front. Really, there was no mathematical formula to how I did this. I just guessed.

I realized my balls of Noro started and different spots I just had to see where the sequence started and then cut the yarn and start at that point. Noro Silk Garden felts really well in with rubbing in your hands. One ball of Noro was completely lacking the green and the gold. It is the same dye lot, too. I think I am going to put it in a new ball to see how the sequence of it is. I have a feeling it is two of the brown/red sequences put together with a knot or something, without the gold/green section.

I love how natural and vibrant the colors are. I love the browns and the reds. The green is very much a malachite green. I could not be happier with the colorway of this yarn. It is so earthy, I love it.

I don’t understand why the yarn has so much debris in it. Seriously. This is “high end” and somewhat expensive yarn. I don’t mind a little bit of vm every once in awhile, especially if it is wool yarn right from a small mill. It isn’t a big deal if it is a lightly spun wool and I could pick it out easily. This yarn is spun sort of tight and the debris is felt, but a lot of times not seen.

This yarn is from Japan and you would think they would have some sort of quality control. I don’t know. I literally have to stop every minute or so and pick out something rough like a small stick or something. If I leave it and just keep knitting, then it will poke me when I am wearing the top against my skin.



  1. It looks great so far!

  2. I love how the stripes lined up – you did magic!

  3. Looking at how well your stripes do line up and how lovely it’s working up for you makes me want to knit this .. I may have to track down some Silk Garden and give it a whirl before summer’s over!

  4. Wow, Wendy, that is knitting up beautifully…I love that the stripes match up.

  5. Great job at matching the stripes, and the colours really are lovely! I too hate the vm in Noro Silk Garden… but the results are *soooo* nice after they’ve been washed. I’m hoping there’ll be less VM in my second Klaralund, but I doubt it. For the price we’re paying for this yarn, they really should do a better job at removing the VM and sell the balls with knots as “seconds” instead of disappointing us. 😛

  6. OK, you enabler, I hope you’re happy now! After looking at yours about 20 times so far this morning I went and ordered the Silk Garden to make my own Askew. Instant Gratification R Us, I guess 😉

  7. Wend!!
    OWWWWWW…AHHHHH….I can’t wait to try this on!! I wish it was for me! I am so happy that you lined up the colors, love love love the colors. 🙂
    I don’t know if I am coming with dad, probably yes, so I will let you know the closer we get to the date.

  8. oh it looks great. And I see what you mean about the green. Quite lovely.

  9. Those stripes are PERFECT, Wendy. I’m using a different colorway of Silk Garden right now and have the same complaint. At the price, you’d expect a little quality control. Honestly, I think I found a silkworm carcass or something…ewww. I’ll be glad when I finish my throw for mom’s sofa. We got a break on the yarn in a way as most was an exchange from some cotton I couldn’t use and didn’t want to just keep at the price. But still, this is the world’s most expensive throw I bet.

  10. I’d so be willing to trade jewelry for a top like that 😀

  11. Hi Wendy: I love your color selection, it is like looking inside a geological survey of turquoise. It looks lovely and the combination is perfect!

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