Blocked Askew

June 27, 2007

I blocked Askew.
Askew Blocking

I use to quilt and there was a couple parts in quilting that I didn’t like. The basting and the binding. Blocking reminds me of basting. If you don’t do it, more then likely your project will look like crap. If you do it right it makes a world of difference.

I guess seaming is similar to binding, both have to be done by hand with a sewing needle. If you machine sew a binding, you have to hand sew the back part or again, it will look like crap. I try to get away with doing it by machine, but I know that the better looking quilts are binded by hand.

So…back to Askew.

If you make this, I HIGHLY (hope you got the emphasis, there) recommend binding off with a needle one or two sizes larger. I guess my bindoff was sort of tight (or probably just normal.)

In the notes of the pattern, it makes a comment that when you block you will be stretching the material out horizontally, rather than vertically. Well, if you have a tight, or even semi-tight bind off…it won’t stretch. I wish I would have thought about this, because everything else wanted to stretch to dimension but the bind off.

Also, I wished that there were better schematics. The schematics that are shown have measurements of a square. When the top is not a square, but a parallelogram. (Yes, I know a square is a parallelogram…I just don’t know what else to call this shape.) My point is that I needed a few more measurements to help with blocking.

For example, I could have used the measurement from the bottom of the “side seam” of the front to the bottom of the “center seam” of the front. There is also that “center seam” of the front that doesn’t have a measurement. While you could assume it is the same as the “seam side”, I am not sure, especially since the shoulder straps are part of that parallelogram side.

Well, it is all math and since I would rather not try to figure it out (all of my high school math teachers would just gasp at the fact that I would rather not apply all of the learning in my adult life,) I will just guess and better yet, make the other side the same so that I have equal guesses.

Did I confuse you?

So, in case you are the type that skip to the end of a post and skim the middle…

Bind of with a Larger (maybe two sizes) needle.

I hope to be wearing my finished Askew sometime tomorrow. Cross your fingers that it fits. My sister is waiting (hoping/praying it doesn’t) so I will have to gift it to her, ha ha. I will make her one, what about for Christmas?



  1. I can’t wait for the unveiling…and I’m wondering if I have anything that would work for it in my stash, since I can’t do Noro. Hmmmm….

  2. Wow that was fast! I hate it when I have a tight bindoff 😦

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