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August 29, 2007

Yesterday, I slightly awoke (from my muscle relaxer stupor…see TMJ post) to the doorbell and then Tony holding a box looking at me…with this..”you ordered more yarn?”…look.

I didn’t order more yarn.  I won a blog contest.  Heather held over a year ago.  She asked for my mailing address and I never gave it to her.  A year goes by and she points out that she still needs my address.

Well, it was worth the wait, let me tell you.  When I opened it yesterday I almost cried.  (I am pretty sentimental.)

I received some gorgeous Socks That Rock Yarn in Jewel of the Nile colorway, with these awesome dice stitch markers.

The girls got goodies, too.  They got hand clappers, candy, and markers.

However, the tear jerker…was the autographed book by the Yarn Harlot.  She thought of me…  🙂

I love all of the goodies!  Thanks so much Heather!

School starts for me today.  I am only taking one class.  I go for a few hours on Wednesday and a full day on Friday.

Speech Therapy will start for Madeleine on the 11th.  I start back at teaching knitting on the 18th.

I think this month will be all about finding and settling into routines.


Monkey socks in Oops

August 26, 2007

I finished my first pair of Monkey socks. They are done in Claudia Co. hand painted yarn in the color way of Oops, which is blue, purple and turquoise and brown/maroon. I made them for a lady in my mother’s club who won a charity auction. She wanted blue and earthy colors, not bright colors. I hope this is a color that she will be happy with. I love them. This was a pretty easy knit.
Oops Monkey Socks

Tomorrow you will get to see a picture of Sierra’s “pretty” black eye. She was making a village up on her bookshelf while standing on a plastic table and slipped and hit her cheekbone on the toy box. She is okay, just bruised. Nothing like going to school the second week with a black eye. I went and got her some arnica for it. They sell it at Longs, the dissolving tablets and gel.


Oh lonely balls of yarn…

August 21, 2007

Whatever will I do with you?

So, what do you do with leftovers from past projects?  As I am cleaning up my yarn area I am finding misc very small balls of yarn.

The artsy side of me says I should keep them forever, because you never know when I would need a small bit of yarn for something like for an accent or…???

The more practical part of me says that I should throw it out as it is just the clutter bug in me and that I need to free myself of really small balls of yarn or they will just take up space and look cluttery.  Also, they will make it look like I have more yarn then I really do.

I could try to donate it on freecycle.  I don’t know who would want some really small balls of yarn, but you never know…

Okay…so, what do you do?  Do you just keep a basket of odd and ends?  Do you find odd and end projects to use them up?

Please don’t tell me you never have leftover yarn.  Some of this wouldn’t even make a good scrap blanket.   For example, I have some leftover cotton/rayon yarn.  Not a good blanket yarn.


Oh Cotton…you are not safe

August 21, 2007

Nope, not safe at all…

Every few months I go through my yarn stash and misc knit/crocheted projects and make sure it is safe from bugs.

So far I have been good at not finding much traces of moth type infestations, though I did find a moth in some roving it didn’t do any damage and I froze the roving and then spun it and haven’t had any breakouts.

I did find carpet beetles and they weren’t in my wool. In fact, they weren’t really in my yarn balls at all. Instead, I found them in a knit sweater that I never pieced together. It was made of cotton-ease (50% cotton 50% acrylic.) There were just a couple of them and I killed them. I never pieced the sweater because it was a baby sweater I knit when I was learning and I did my increases and decreases wrong so I have holes along the neckline.

Since it is a baby sweater and I no longer have a baby, I see no reason to finish it. I set it aside until I knew what to do with it. No I might just trash it just in case there are eggs or something in the yarn which I can’t see.

I knew a few days ago I had them because I saw a carpet beetle on the wall by my clock above my yarn desk. Going through my stash gives me the opportunity to clean up my work area, organize it, and destash what I no longer want.

So far, my wool is safe. Surprisingly, the cotton may not be. I still need to go through my cotton-ease stash. I am afraid.

I think of all of the bugs that like textiles, carpet beetles are probably the mildest. Even the sweater that had the bug on it showed no damage.

I have a feeling that the carpet beetles are in my llama fur which was given to me. They are in paper bags under the desk and while I looked in there and did not see anything, it is some big bags of fur. While tree/plant nectar is the #1 food source for the beetles, the larvae love animal fur and I have read are a common pest of museums. So, I am going to relocate my llama fur to another part of the house and store them in a rubber made container.

Sorry, Deneen, I know this post will disturb you. Had to share, though. I am finally back to blogging.

eta:  I did go through all my cotton-ease and found another carpet beetle in there.  I find it so odd that out of all my yarn that the carpet beetles are in the cotton/acrylic mix, not the wool, not the mohair, not any of my roving.  No damage was done, either.


Crocheted Bag

August 20, 2007

I finished another Fat Bottom Bag. It is done with Classic Elite Imagine and Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I took the picture at night, so it is hard to see that the yarn colors compliment each other, but they do. I lined it with a rayon material that I had. It was really silky and hard to sew in, but once I did, it looks perfect for the bag. I made it for my sil for her birthday and she loves it.
Fat Bottom Bag
Fat Bottom Bag


Pineapple Bliss

August 20, 2007

That is what I am calling the top Bron made (for me.)  Okay, she really didn’t make it for me, as it was a happy accident (happy for me) that it was my size and not hers.  However, this top really looks like it was made just for me.  Truly, I couldn’t have a better fitting Pineapple top.  This will be one of those tops I can wear in the winter here when it is cool, but not freezing and at the ocean when I want to wear a tank top, but it is still chilly.

Sierra took the picture for me.  🙂   Thanks Bron!  I love it!



August 20, 2007

I had my hair cut today. I cut off over 16″ of hair and will be donating it to the Locks of Love.

Ignore the breakout on my face (due to clove oil) and my thinning hair.  I am happy with the cut, it is lighter, less hot, and I am not constantly looking for a pony tale holder.  I am not yet good at styling it, though.