Last week

August 11, 2007

of Summer…

Next week is the last week of summer for Sierra.  She start school on the 20th.  I am excited and nervous for her.  She will be in first grade at a new school.  The classes are longer, running from 8 to 3pm.   My school starts the week after and somewhere in there we will have to get Madeleine’s schedule set up for her speech therapy.

I am buying the school supplies, pencils, erasers, etc.  I bought her a lunch box and have found out that they make lunch boxes differently then they use to.  When I was a kid you could find a plastic or tin lunch box with a thermos.   Thermos came in lunch boxes standard.

It seems that now you have to purchase them separately if you can find them.   At target, you can find something like a thermos (or sippy cup) and it runs about $15-$17, No Kidding!

Some lunch bags come with these plastic water bottles.  Which, look like they will leak.

I don’t understand.  Whatever happened to the thermos’ with the lids the ones that you could pour your milk in?  What happened to the ability to bring soup or hot chocolate to school?

I would hate to think I need to back to school shop at an antique store, LOL.

This weekend I will go through her dresser and find out what clothes she can still wear.  Both her and Madeleine have grown the past couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I will have some finished socks.  One is the first sock of a new pair and the other is the second sock of an old pair.  🙂



  1. They use the juice pouches and the freezer lunch pack thing in their lunch boxes-or buy Milk at school. Elena and others in her class also pack a water bottle to use during the day in class.

  2. I want a wonder Woman Lunch Box!!!

  3. Yeah, the lunch box situation has changed since we’ve been in school and yes, I can tell you first hand that the water bottles that come in the lunch box leak. What got my kids through school is an investment in a short Thermos brand thermos for soup and pasta. They’ve lasted since 1st grade and are still in use! For drinks, I bought them a Nalgene water bottle from the sporting goods store. They might be hard to close for little hands though, maybe a throw away juice box is better for now. Sorry this is so long! Just want to let you know I’ve been there and done that! Good luck to you little one on her first day in 1st grade!

  4. The water bottles definitely leak, particularly if the user leaves them open and then puts them upside down into their backpack at the end of the day. UGH!

    Investing in the Thermos brand thermos is definitely worth it. I bought Laura one in Kindergarten and after two years of use, looks as good as new, even with trips through the dishwasher.

  5. Oh yay! First grade. 😀

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